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    • Wed, 9 Sep 2020

      Monticule Festival 2020

      Surgeon, Roman Flügel, Optimo (Espacio), Joakim, Efdemin, Cosmo Vitelli, Cinthie, Michal Zietara, Capablanca, Khidja, Vlada, Zenker Brothers, Andrea, Jonas Friedlich, Benedikt Frey, DJ Dustin, Flo Scheuer, Benjamin Fröhlich, VELIxVIWO, Orpheu The Wizard, Jules Gaardls, Dreems, Cashu, Sacha Mambo, Carne, Cønfetti, Asaf Samuel, Zozo, Alexis Le-Tan, Lauren Hansom, Fadi Mohem, Fantastic Twins, Eva Geist, Bogus Trumper, Marlene Stark, DJ Gigola, Arabian Panther, Marie Montexier, Katzele
      This cosy festival, held annually in the luscious French countryside, turns five with a classy lineup.

    RA Pick
    • Sun, 23 Feb 2020

      Bears in Space with Horse Meat Disco

      Horse Meat Disco, Capablanca, Bears In Space
      Mexico City
      Calle 4 - 341, Arenal
      Just when we thought disco was dead, Horse Meat Disco proved otherwise, bringing disco to lively London dance floors, and more recently to New York. Expect them to keep the energy high with some anthemic classics for this rare CDMX performance.