• Neverwhere, Bpitch Control, Clink
    Analog dystopian techno and sci-fi house. Host of Neverwhere Radio, owner of labels Neverwhere and Clink, artist on Bpitch Control. Pisces. Berlin.

    Selected discography

    Releases: [Neverwhere 004] NAF 97 (incl. Matrixxman & Markus Suckut Remixes) - Camea [Neverwhere 003] Vanish (incl. Tobias. & LA-4A Remixes) - Camea [Neverwhere 002] Signs (incl. Ian Pooley & Andre Kronert Remixes) - Camea [Neverwhere] Hello Earth EP - Camea [Get Physical] Edge Of Infinity Remixes - Camea [Bpitch Control 314] The Hallway ep - Camea [Get Physical Music CD113] Full Body Workout, vol. 15 mixed by Camea - feat. Edge of Infnity, Friction produced by Camea [Bpitch Control 292] Neverwhere rmxes - Camea, Deadbeat, Locked Groove, Lee Jones [Bpitch Control 277] Neverwhere - Camea [Bpitch Control] City Watch Over Me - Camea [Upon You 056] Brooklyn Sunset 1989 – Camea & Tim Xavier [Clink 021] Kaleidoscope by Camea [Clink 018] Velvet On Canvas by Camea & Tim Xavier [Clink 16D] Dub Me Tender by Camea, feat. Dilo & Dana Ruh rmxes [Clink 014] Happy Ending by Camea, feat. Alexi Delano rmx[Clink 010] Voiding the Fill - by Camea [Harry Klein Digital 003] v/a feat. Moan by Camea [Klickhaus 002] the Tim Camea Diet, by Camea & Tim Xavier [Clink 003] Wire Tap EP by Camea [Clink 002] Nothing Shocking/Azimuth EP by Camea & Insideout [LTD400 002] EP 2, the Winners by Camea and Tim Xavier Remixes/Compilations [Watergate] Longevity (Camea Remix) - La Fleur [Jeudi Records] The Remixes, Vol. 1, Tow The Line (Camea Remix) - Bambook [Get Physical 319] Fade To Black Remixes incl. Camea remix [Get Physical Music CD113] Full Body Workout, vol. 15 mixed by Camea - feat. Edge of Infnity, Friction produced by Camea No Need To Worry remixes, Pt. 1 - Noir Music Where The Wind Blows - Bpitch Control Compilation Love Handles You by Adeline, Camea Remix – Kindisch (Spring 2012) Perfect Lover by Alessio Mereu – Camea Remix - AMAM Jackson by Ambivalent, Camea Remix – Plus 8 Clinkology – Mixed by Camea – Clink (Compilation) Ellen Allien's "Dust" Album remixes, Camea remix - Bpitch Heidi's "Jackathon" Compilation, "We Not In" Camea - Original track - Get Physical Massive Attack - Cesare vs Disorder vs Mikael Stavostrand - Camea remix - Clink Las Cajas, Camea remix - Pantamuzik Cupcakes by Mark Henning, Camea & Tim Xavier rmx - Soma Riding The Edge by Afternoon Coffee Boys, Camea "Acid" rmx - Clink Girl On Fire by Tim Xavier & Insideout, Camea and Tim Xavier rmxs - Clink Dark Matter by Darren Emerson & Jamie McHugh, feat. Camea rmx - Variance Edaroth by Sebastian Cohen & Pablo Degeneri, feat. Camea rmx - Igloo A Tree is A Tree by Sascha Krohn, feat. Camea & TimXavier rmx - Dreielf Pay For Me by Daniel Steinberg, feat. Camea rmx - Stylerockets Under My Skin by Alexi Delano, feat. Camea rmx - Ransom Note No One Knows by Agaric, feat. Camea rmx - Sunset Diskos Mr. Monster by Dave Powers, feat. Camea rmx - Klectik Daily Crisis by Sierra Sam, feat. Camea rmx - Nomo Records RUOK by Ambivalent, the Remixes, Tim Xavier and Camea rmx - Minus Lancelot v. Camelot, the Remixes, Barem & Camea remixes - Einmaleins Deception de Real by T Xavier, the Remixes, insideout&camea rmx Clink 007.. Palindrome EP by Ambivalent Camea rmx – Klickhaus 003 DB Revenge EP by Tony Rohr, Camea rmx – Tora Tora ToraThe Early Life EP by Fusiphorm, Camea rmx - Sushitech 4.1 Registry Check EP, Camea rmx - Klickhaus 001 Dark Blend EP, Camea rmx, Clink 001