Burnt Friedman



  • BURNT FRIEDMAN is one of Germany’s most long established and highly rated electronic musicians with a career spanning almost 40 years.
    BURNT FRIEDMAN was born in Coburg, Germany in 1965 and has lived in Berlin since 2009. After initially being a student of art in Kassel in northern Germany, Burnt started to focus on music exclusively from the late 1980s onwards. He went on to attend the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne as a postgraduate student and began to publish his musical works along with his studio productions in 1979. He also began performing live around the same time, both of which soon attracted the attention of the Cologne electronic music scene. From there he progressed to various notable music collaborations throughout the 1990s on projects with the likes of Jaki Liebezeit, Hayden Chisholm, Root70, Mark Ernestus, Steve Jansen and David Sylvian and under also under the band names of both Atom™ and Flanger. In 2000 Friedman launched his own record label, Nonplace, with 35 releases to date. Working under the solo artist name of BURNT FRIEDMAN, he sought to address the prejudices people had then about the authenticity of programmed music. His studio and on-stage partnership with Jaki Liebezeit, the former drummer of CAN (recently voted in the Top 5 drummers for alternative music of all time in SPIN magazine in the US), now dates back 13 years; the two musicians have developed pioneering electronic-acoustic music over that period. On the strength of their craft and universal musical vocabulary they have consciously distanced themselves from the tarditional formulas of Western European and Anglo-American music. Their recordings and work should be seen as intermediate phases in an on-going process. BURNT FRIEDMAN’s work has been critically acclaimed by the international music press as far afield as The Wire, Mixmag and Uncut in the UK, Exclaim magazine in Canada. The All Music Guide and Big Shot magazine in the US. Data Transmission in the UK described his recent album release with Jaki Liebezeit as “destined for cult success“, with The Arts Desk making it their Album Of The Week. He will be releasing a new album in the fall and carrying out a tour of Africa in association with The Goethe Institue too.

    Selected discography

    • Drome, The Final Corporate Colonization Of The Unconscious, LP/CD, 1994 (Ninja Tune) • Nonplace Urban Field , 4 Albums CD/LP, 1993- 1997 (Incoming!) • Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players, Just Landed, CD/LP (Scpae Records / 1999) • Flanger (with AtomTM) 3 Albums CD/LP/12", 1996 - 2000 (Ninja Tune) • Flanger (with AtomTM), Spirituals, CD/LP, 2005 (Nonplace 18) • Nine Horses, (with David Sylvian/Steve Jansen) Snow Borne Sorrow, CD, 2006 (Samadhisound) • Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit, Secret Rhythms 1-5, 4 Albums CD/LP 2000-2013 (Nonplace 09/19/25/30) • Burnt Friedman vs. Konono Nr.1 12" (CNG), 2010 CD Tradimods vs. Rockers (Crammed Discs) • Burnt Friedman, Zen'Aku 12" EP 2011 (Nonplace 31) • Burnt Friedman meets Zinja Hlungwani 12" 2011 (Honest Jon´s records) • Burnt Friedman "Bokoboko" CD/D-LP 2012 (Nonplace33) • Cyclopean (with Irmin Schmidt/Jaki Liebezeit, Can), EP, 2013 (Mute) Remixes 2012: MaisUmDiscos Lucas Santtana Ca Pra Nos, Friedman Remix 2011: Honest Jons Records Burnt Friedman Meets Zinja Hlungwani 2011: Crammed Disc (D-CD)/ cng (Vinyl) Konono No.1 Rubazech Friedman Remix 2010: Nonplace Prof.Psygrooves Flow, Friedman Remix 2010: Nonplace Friedman & Liebezeit Remixes 2007: Samadhi Sound Nine Horses Remixes 2006: 4AD His Name Is Alive Remixes 2006: G-Stone Tosca, John Lee Huber Remix 2005: Samadhi Sound David Sylvian, Blemish/Late Night Shopping Remixes 2003: Nonplace Lychelassi, Shades Of Mosley Remix 2003: Silent Recordings Prop, Erste Landung Remix 2003: Open record (South Africa) Benguela, Southern Right Dub Remix 2001: Scape Pole Raum1 Remix 2001: District Six, Wiliam Rusere, Shona Folk melodies Remix 2000: G-Stone Tosca, Suzuki Remix 2000: Round Trip Mars, Phase 5, Mothman Skunk Remix Tours & Live Shows • Liebezeit & Friedman Live: 18th April, Bucharest, Romania, Recolektiv Festival / Friedman & Liebezeit 1st May, Katowice, Poland, Jazzart Festival / Friedman & Liebezeit 4th May, Cologne, Achtbrücken Festival / Friedman & Liebezeit 5th Sep, Copenhagen, Jazzhouse 6th Sep, Malmö, Inkonst 21st Sep, Wien, Porgy & Bess 28th Sep, Brüssel, Bozar Music Festival • Burnt Friedman Solo: 30th June, Wax Treatment, Berlin 14th July, Free Rotation Festival, Bristol, UK 4th October, Lagos, Nigeria 7th October, Nairobi, Kenya, with Otieno Wakake 10th October, Kampala, Uganda, with Hakimu Kiwanuka 13th October, Johannesburg, South Africa, with Tlale Makhene