Broke One



  • Broke One is a dj and producer hailing from Milan, Italy. Starting as a self-taught musician, he gained the spotlight in the early ‘10s.
    It was in mid 2000s when he first cut his teeth spinning a musical melting pot of house tracks and heavy bass sounds before exiling himself into endless home-studio sessions where he finally forged his own sound which has shaped around his spontaneous attraction to house and melodies. Chicago’s “Trax Records”, Paris’ “Roulé” and the early days of hip-hop could be named as the strongest influences in Broke One’s own concept of music. In October 2011 Broke One won the italian selection of the Red Bull Music Academy and settled in Madrid for an intense studio experience alongside top producers, working with the likes of Krystal Klear, Ghosts on Tape and Full Crate. This new experience lead him to achieve a deeper vision of his own roots, and to start a dozen of new projects to work on. After a bunch of releases and remixes for Strip Steve, Urulu and Jolly Mare, Broke One has been travelling the European continent as a DJ, bringing his late-night cosmic vibes to locations as disparate as Oslo, Warsaw and Naples. His productions are supported by the likes of Lone, Breach, Nautiluss, XXXY, Matthias Zimmermann, Guy Andrews and many more. The debut album, "Reminiscence", has been released by White Forest Records in 2015.

    Selected discography

    ■ ALBUM The Leftovers (Best of 2010-2019 - Web Release - 2019) Reminiscence (White Forest Records - 2015) ■ EP No Man Is An Island (Web Release - 2020) Something To Believe In (Play Label Records - 2018) This Thing Called Reality (Big Bait Records - 2018) I Can See You And Me / A Parsec From Here (Web Release - 2014) Lovefool / Roy Batty (Web Release - 2013) Waiting Lines Remixed (BMKLTSCH RCRDS - 2013) Waiting Lines EP (BMKLTSCH RCRDS - 2013) Stop Making Sense (La Valigetta - 2011)