Brian Murphy



  • i have been dj'ing for around 18 years or so in and around my local area. i have ditched my trusty 1210s and serato and moved to the traktor s4. creative possibilities!!!!! my musical styles range from deep house to tech house and a little techno fro..
    i am 35yrs old and i hail from the west coast of scotland, i grew up listening to my parents music collection which ranged from status quo, abba, fleetwood mac, the bee gees and pink floyd... and so the seed was sown!!!!!! i started taking notice of dance music towards the very late 80s but it would be the 90s before i started to get into it in a big way. it was of course the italian piano anthems that got me hooked along with acts such as the shamen, n-joi and the prodigy. from there i went through almost every genre that you could dance to, i got into hardcore in the early 90s from there it went to nu energy, to hard house, to trance, to prog and finally to where i am today, house music!!! it's a natural progression, along with maturity it's stages that we all go through. through the refining period i had played only the odd gig here and there but nothing of any significance, it was after the millennium that things started to pick up gig wise. through friends and promoting our own nights, gigs were becoming regular and i found myself playing in some of the bigger towns around my area including the legendary bobby jones nightclub. the plan was to run a monthly event but unfortunately for us the club somehow was burned to the ground, a common event to happen to many a nightclub!! other events saw me dj'ing in unique venues such as loudoun castle in ayrshire, also through promoting our own events we managed to book dj's such as tony thomas, rob bright and john carter, we were also the first event in scotland to bring sharam jey to these shores. gig wise things were good up until 2005, it would then dry up for the next 5 years!! during this time i felt i just got bored, money and lack of fresh material played a big part, i suppose the female kind also played it's part as well. i now find myself back in love with music and dj'ing. serato and the world of digital music has given me the hunger to get back to what i love most, making people dance!! so after a short spell being part of "Galvanize" with Neil Doherty and Jim McCarroll i am now holding my own event "Subsuela" at the monkey club in kilmarnock. our music policy is house, tech house and techno. Along with Neil Doherty we aredipping our feet into the production world but this is very much work in progress. peace!! brian murphy!!!