Bram Troost



  • Bram Troost is a talented, highly sought after artist that has a good sense of crowd control and creating a vibe that feels old school, with the new school sounds. He's enriched and developed his love for Techno for 20 years..
    Who is Bram Troost? Born in The Hague in 1979, Bram Troost grew up listening to old tracks from the 60's and 70's of which his mom and dad were fond of. When in the early 80's the hiphop became a new thing, he would hear different sounds than usual and started to scratch his dad's records. From there he started to create a wide interest in music. When he was about 15, he started to play at different parties of friends and family, just mixing music on a tape deck (!) and trying to get two records to play at the same time. After being able to mix his music together with his crowd-controlling qualities, he started to produce his own music when he was about 23. He went to Paris with one of his buddies, Ruben de Ronde (Armada artist). There he played in several clubs, aswell as making tracks in the tiny studio they had together. When they came back in Holland, things really started to heat up, when Ruben became of the biggest upcoming talents in Trance/progressive music, and Bram went on with his career in Techno, creating his own sound, managing labels, radioshows, created an album and much more.