• .Bozzwell Recording Artist
    .David Boswell AKA Bozzwell has had a colourful and highly successful career in music spanning almost two decades. From his early white label rave productions through his years as vocalist and bassist with chart topping act All Seeing I to his recordings as Hiem for labels such as Crosstown Rebels and Eskimo he has always let shine his passion for recording, producing and performing.

    Selected discography

    Hiem - Chelsea (Atantis Audio) Hiem - Shes The One (Crosstown Rebels) Hiem - Zombie Party (Crosstown Rebels) Bozzwell - Ghouls (Suicide Recordings) Bozzwell - Siren (Suicide Recordings) Hiem - Clubscene Popscene (Eskimo Recordings) Bozzwell - Fiona's Song (Firm Recordings)Release July 2008 Bozzwell - The Woods (Society) Release May 2008 The All Seeing I - Sweet Music -(London ) Bozzwell -Bits And Pieces -Fitm Records 2010 Hiem -Escape From Division Street -Startalk International -2011 Hiem and Roots Manuva - Dj Culture -Nang Records 2012 Hiem -Freaky Nights -Nang Records -2013 Carreno is LB -Monster Truck -Days Of Being Wild -Hiem Remix 2012 The Eskimo Twins -Ariam -Bozzwell Remix -Days Of Being Wild records -2012 Black Strobe -The girl From The Bayou -Black Strobe Records Hiem Remix- 2013 Vosper & Bozzwell Music for The Lost And Dead -Throne Of Blood 2013 Hiem -Lions Cheaters Enforcers -Nang Records 2015 Bozzwell -Isolation Underground -Relsih 2015 Headman /Bozzwell -Take Me To The Top -Relish -2015 Hiem -Hot Space -Nang Records 2017 Hiem -Highlife -Nang Records 2018 Manfredas Feat Bozzwell -Mind Machine -Microdosing Vol 1 -2019