• “Creative will power our imagination and strong will grasp it. Everyone needs to make a conscious choice in their lives and the choice of understanding and comprehending of our existence sometimes is made unconsciously. And as it made unconsciously, co..
    Most of you could remember being a child and watching a very pleasant sleep at night with an ability to have a desired toy in it. You don’t need to realize why you have this toy and you just enjoy playing with it. And when you awake in a moment haven’t you try to bring it in the matter world? Of course, you have and maybe you even had a feeling that this toy was already presented in a room. Ruslan Yusipov awakened with a word “Boosty” on his lips and it suddenly became his artist name. Later he told that it was a sleep about the future of the electronic music industry where there are no downloadable files and music is stored by transferring it directly to the hardware-protected cards. Modern Art and Science was a significant part of Ruslan’s inspiration. One day after a great party being a last graduate high school student he walked as usual to the private chemistry lesson to prepare for entering the medicine college. And it was a sunny winter morning when he suddenly realized that he don’t want to study all of this weird formulas anymore because lucid thoughts enlighten his mind. And he remembered that most of his life he was in some different creative communities doing ceramic toys, aircraft modeling, painting and finally music. It was like a network of memories structuring his mind to go a head into the right direction deepening him into the creative experience. And he started to take a piano lesson’s again and after finishing a high school he entered the music school instead of Medicine College. Staying in front of kinetic art painting 7 years later he found himself as a person who made a long journey in his unconscious spreading the boundaries of his vision. And this painting was made by Francisco Infante the member of Russian creative community formed in the 60th years of the 20th century called “Movement”. He studied the eternity in geometric structures and in revealing of artifacts of our unconscious mind. And in a moment Ruslan started to notice the tendency of geometrical structures to begin their movements. In sound engineering he was involved by noticing the tiny qualities of psychoacoustic perception. Tchaikovsky, one of the innovators in classic music of the 20th century, first noticed the connection between perception of different notes and scales to different colors. He was the first person who started to implement this idea by bringing the first light shows in his opera productions. Ruslan Yusipov first synthesizer was the Yamaha PSR 330 synthesizer with auto-accompaniment technology and a bunch of styles to choose from. He found himself enjoying just two of these styles and, sure enough, it was Techno and Dance. Of course, they was far from the techno scene sound but what could have 14 years old boy do in Russia of Autumn 1998? Lack of information and possibly a surrounding keeps Ruslan away from Techno and House scene trying his creativity at the Trance scene with success of Exalted project. Armin van Buuren: “Brilliant release on Somatic Sense records” – this is how he named Exalted “Cavity” single in ASOT 197 show. Later while visiting Europe he bought one more cartridge for the synth with Retro Disco and Latin styles on it. Been fully unaware of techno scene he continued recording Live songs on a cassette for about two years and in 2000 he finally got acquainted with legendary Roland Techno Boxes sound. And, of course, it was not a real ones just only the famous Propellerheads simulation Rebirth, which you could now download for free. And he was really keen on listening to other Rebirth songs from European producers, which was available inside the program itself. So you could enjoy watching how one person produced that or this sound and it’s really nice to learn producing Dance music, which was available and still available now.

    Selected discography

    Boosty - Velotone, MP3, Dutch Pitch; Boosty – Telescope, CD, Fabric Records; Sergio Fernandez – Change the tempo (Boosty Remix), MP3, Baroque; Perch - Silent Creek, CD, MP3, iRecords; PPK - Resurrection (Exalted Remix), MP3, iRecords; Exalted – Cyberflight/Cavity, 12" Vinyl, CD, MP3, Somatic Sense; Evolve - Safe to Dream (Exalted Remix), CD, MP3, Adjusted.