Bondi (DE)



  • BONDI is an electronic live act from Berlin.
    BONDI's own musical character is defined by danceable deep house beats, mixed with some indie elements and a variety of synth sounds, other instruments and organic material. The different backgrounds of both artists and their different characters build the fundament for their productions but also influence them in the way how they approach their live shows. Driven beats and electronic elements let you easily drift away in a hypnotic state and end up in a pleasing physical experience – you just need to dance. With Alex extraordinary voice, the slightly melancholic lyrics, supported by his guitar and driving synth-sound melodies, their pieces remind us a little of the 80ies Dark Wave – with a great impact on the dance floor. 2018 was a terrific year for the band. After collaborating with artists like Gabe, HRRSN, Niconé and releasing on labels like Bar 25 Music, Stil Vor Talent, Warung Recordings, Einmusika & Dantze they played amazing shows in countries like Australia, India, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria and not to forget Germany with festivals like 3000 Grad & Fusion Festival. They also appear regularly in their hometown in amazing clubs like Kater Blau, Ritter Butzke & Wilde Renate.

    Selected discography

    2018 Faster Down (Dantze) 2018 Dangerous (Criminal Bassline) 2018 Gone When The Sun Sets (Einmusika) 2018 Land of the Blind (Bar25 Music) 2017 Diversity (3000Grad Records) 2017 Fight For Peace (Bar25 Music) 2017 Dark Yard (Sublime Music) 2017 Maru (Bar25 Music) 2017 Jazz No (Sublime Music) 2016 The Lion (Patent Skillz) 2016 Wasted (Warung Recordings) 2016 Deep Shards (Einmusika) 2016 You've Been Fooled (Konzeptions) 2016 After Dark (Free Release) 2016 Those Days (WellDone! Music) 2016 Caught In Between (WellDone! Music) 2015 Do It Right (Black Fox Music) 2015 Mr. Drucks (Telekollegen) 2013 At Night (Telekollegen)