• BOBBIE* is a Resident DJ at PAL, Hamburg and a regular host of her event series HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Listen to her latest mix for Electronic Beats Radio here:
    BOBBIE* grew up in Cologne where the music scene was very much characterized by Kompakt’s minimal sound and the Total Confusion parties they threw at Studio 672 around the early 2000. Being in that vibrant club atmosphere was what got her interested in buying vinyl. As she moved to Hamburg in 2003 she became even more motivated to pursue DJing because there were so few women DJing in Hamburg. She became a resident at PAL when it opened in 2014. Since then, she´s been playing there about once a month. She genuinely likes many different styles of music, but her sets usually end up meandering through acid, electro, techno, wave and industrial. Even though she chooses from a diverse palette, the common thread between her selections is that they always return to a certain darkness and relentlessness, which she likes to dissolve with melodic interludes. Her sound takes you on a journey through the depth of underground machine funk guided by dark soundscapes, chirping 303 modulations, diverse drum programming from our favorite cities and that kind of soul which makes her approach so special.