Blanka Barbara



  • Coming from the classical composer's background, Blanka Barbara puts musicality and soul-stirring charge of the music first. Carefully steered sonic and emotional experience is an integral part of her live performances and DJ sets rooted in melodic techno.
    After a successful series of weekly livestreams on Twitch, Blanka Barbara has matured into becoming a much-wanted guest performer. She streamed for ‘World Lockdown Festival 2020’, PM:AM Events, Beirut Underground, Blue Oyster, Electric Offense, became resident DJ at 4AM Events since June 2020 and at StoneBeatsDJs since September 2020. Blanka Barbara livestreamed an intricate progressive set as part of Women Strike (Strajk Kobiet) movement – ‘Strike Back’, a 24h stream in support of women rights in Poland - on 12-13 December 2020. Since November 2020, Blanka is hosting her own show ‘BBBoiler Welcomes’ on Deep Radio London. Blanka’s weapon of choice in the studio as well as on stage is Ableton Live. While performing it enables her to have total control over sound and blend conscientiously chosen tracks with hypnotic rhythmic patterns and beguiling synth waves, each time creating a unique, captivating and unrepeatable soundworld for the listeners. Blanka Barbara’s current releases are a statement to melodic techno-inspired progressive explorations. Amsterdam Diamond EP (2021) released in February on LSA Records has gained substantial support from livestreaming DJs and producers, while also making its way in Top100 charts on Beatport. Most recent releases include Red Magic Lily on Dynamica, Lost in Digital Fog on Eat My Hat Music and Knights of Orion on Aviary Recordings. More of Blanka Barbara's much-anticipated tracks creating a buzz in the industry will appear on prestigious labels such as Uxoa Dutxa Elite, Oniryzm, Serendeep and Mango Alley this summer. Blanka Barbara’s skill as a remixer has been recognised by LSA Records after she’s secured herself a winning spot at the label's remix competition held in May 2020. Prospects of future collaborations have instantly emerged and Blanka's remixes have already appeared on XTR Records (Get Out by Bodam Project, 26 March 2021) and Dynamica (Eclipse by Feri, 02 April 2021), catching the attention of key figures in the underground music industry. More remixes are scheduled to be released on labels Bevel Rec, SMR Underground and Massive Harmony Records later this year.

    Selected discography

    Blanka Barbara - Lunar Passage (Original Mix) [Rabbit Records] Blanka Barbara - Enter the Storm (Original Mix) [Bevel Rec] Blanka Barbara, Umut Sezgin - Invocation (Original Mix) [Duenia] Blanka Barbara - Amsterdam Diamond EP [LSA Records] Blanka Barbara - Lost in Digital Fog EP [Eat My Hat Music] Feri - Eclipse (Blanka Barbara Remix) [Dynamica] Blanka Barbara - Knights of Orion EP [Aviary Recordings]