Bi Män



  • Bi Män is an audiovisual intervention artist and does postfemale crossover.
    She* wants to break up clichés by exaggerating stereotypical images. Classifying them* doesn't work, because the circuits of their creation are as inexplicable and wildly raging around as the beats and samples when they are played. Lovely, sweet and lo-fi no one needs more: Their sound is harsh, relentless, honest and brutal - it is the blasting of socially defined horizons and directly and honestly slams the lack of musical imagination into the ear canals. Bi Män as DJ*ane is an uneasy exposure of gender-specific addresses and stands up against the depoliticization of supposedly democratic societies. She* does not want to imitate the impotent howling of aggression in a hostile world, but rather to create and redesign the matrix of music, parties and politics herself.

    Selected discography