Benoit (IT)



  • Benoit (It) Dj / Producer / Musician was born artistically in the early 2000s.
    In 2004 he met Joe Montana who brought him closer to the world of production with the zero8Music project. In the following years, in addition to performing in some of the most important clubs in southern Italy, he founded Dim Dim records which offers digital and vinyl releases with the likes of Danilo Vigorito, Nicolas masseyeff. In 2012 he met Lenny with whom he started the recording project Annuit & Coeptis, just over a year after the birth of the remix project "Peace and Melody" from Musetta's album Mice To Meet you. In 2014 he was among the resident DJs of the Magic Monday party which over the years became an institution for techno lovers in Calabria and which hosted artists of the caliber of Miguel Campbell, Francesca Lombardo, Ralf, Claudio coccoluto, Alex Neri, digitaria and many others. In the same year, thanks to Biodpi (one of the greatest exponents of Italian street art), he created a MixTape for the event "Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu" exhibition dedicated to the great Domenico Modugno held in Polignano a Mare. In 2015 he played with the noche escabrosa on Fabrik live for which he also made several articles and several interviews in the magazine section. He is currently A&R of Ocean Dark historic Italian underground record label and collaborates with Mirko paoloni for radio party groove During his experience he collaborated and performed with: Zero8music, Takos Records, Talk Musique, Revox, Dim Dim, Magic Monday, Ocean Dark, la noche escabrosa, Sweat lodge Radio, Oliver Huntemann, Xenia Beliaieva, Stephan Bodzin Nicolas Masseyeff, Joe Montana, Florian Meindl Dyno, Flavio Vecchi, Luca Morini, Dan Curtin, Andrea Ferlin, Matteo Vanti, Andreas Henneberg, Luca agnelli, Alex neri, Bastard Love, Digitaria, Pastaboys, Dj Ralf, Danilo Vigorito, Luca Pavone, J.AX, Darren Rock X-Press2 and many others

    Selected discography

    - Toche - Tenet (Annuit & Coeptis Remix) 012 Talk Musique - Annuit & Coeptis - I know my name (original mix) 012 Revox Records - Annuit & Coeptis - Novus Ordo Seclorum EP incl Yousef and Eddie Hu Rmx 012 Talk Musique - Musetta - Peace and Melody (Benoit Annuit &Coeptis Rework) 2013 - Heavid Saihnt - Keep Your Control (Benoit Annuit & Olem Remix) 2015 revox records - Benoit Annuit - Strange (Original Mix) 2015 Dim Dim - Benoit Annuit - Return (Original Mix) 2015 Dim Dim -WhoMadeWho - Head Above ( Benoit (It) ReWork) 2016