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  • A constant state of flux - this is the Benno Blome modus operandi. A DJ and producer dedicated to making a seamless transition from decks, to venue, to city, and from day to night. The obsessed multi talent has been operating since the mid-nineties and..
    ‘A constant state of flux’ - this is the Benno Blome modus operandi. A DJ and producer dedicated to making a seamless transition from decks, to venue, to city, and from day to night. The obsessed multi talent has been operating since the mid-nineties and based on his model of reinvention the former Bar25 resident has helped influence the sound of electronic music; through his DJing, production and as a label boss. Blome began DJing in his native Cologne and on the eve of the millennium he launched Sender Records. He would eventually move the label east to Berlin. As a result, Sender has gone from strength to strength. A label distinguished from its inception; for its consistent A&R work and a keen eye for talent. "With reduced and straight tracks, the label became one of the mainstays of German Techno universe." (De:Bug Mag) Benno Blome consistently breaks new ground with his sets. An understated and transcendental force, Blome creates something orginal with his unique approach to DJing. His unorthodox style, generates an inclusive atmosphere and keeps his crowd in a frenzied state. With releases such as the "Braitbendnoodles Ep", the opulent after-hour head-movie "Eramina", the improvised piano-house-sessions of "Piano Roll" or his "Go Loose EP", Benno Blome's productions open up a colourful and complex universe of sound, with electrifying atmosphere and a magnetic attraction. Along with his solo releases Blome has collaborated with label mates, Tigerskin, Baby Ford and A Guy Called Gerald and released on labels Highgrade, Bar25 and Bondage. With his diverse productions, Blome has a platform for every creative impulse. While ‘Sender Records’ has made the dance floor its home, ‘Eramina’ represents a break from the norm. With its trippy radio plays and cult movie dialogue it takes the listener on a cosmic journey, through electronic galaxies. Blome’s latest label-baby ‘Senzen Records’ lets him explore deep and trippy manoeuvres through time and space. Benno’s next musical venture promises to surprise, nothing less than we’ve come to expect.

    Selected discography

    2016 Benno Blome – Kaleidoskop #1 Dj-Mix /Compilation (Bar25-040) Benno Blome & Hopperider – Father Of Birds (Bar25-039) Benno Blome – “Check Check“ (Sender100) 2015 Benno Blome - “Abotha Ep“ (Time Has Changed) Benno Blome feat Big Bully - “Moving Free“, 12“ (Artreform 017) Benno Blome & Daniel Dreier - “Running Pt. 1“ on “Suicide Club Nights 2“, Mix-CD (Suicide Circus Recordings) Benno Blome feat Rachele - “Go Loose Remixed“ (Sender098) SoKool - “C4 (Benno Blome Rmx)“ (Konzeptions ) Erich Lesovsky - “Waves To Saleya (Benno Blome Rmx)“ (Burlesque) 2014 Benno Blome - “Pho Bo Soul“ on „Super Signal Pt.1“ (Sender096) Adrian Martin - “You’re Not Alone“ (Benno Blome Rmx) (Senzen7) Adriano Mirabile - “Oor Wurm (Benno Blome Rmx)“ (Senzen6) Benno Blome & Ada - “Zen Cruiser“ (Senzen5) Joss - “Mountain Castle (Benno Blome Rmx)“, 12“ – (Artreform006) Dole & Kom - “Rush (Benno Blome Rmx)“ - Bondage Benno Blome feat. Elbee Bad - “When I Wake Up Ep“ (Sender 095) 2013 David Keno - “Mamas Mamas (Blome & Bucci Rmx)“ (Sender 093) Kotelett & Zadak - “Ultramarin (Benno Blome Rmx)“ (Sender094) Antientertainers - “Drunken Sailor (Benno Blome Rmx)“, 12“ (Schallbox 013) Benno Blome & Mijk Van Dijk - “Moonlight/Spotlight“ (Sender 092) Benno Blome & Adrian Martin - “Echoes From Home“, 12“ (Miniload 027) Benno Blome - “Re:Sender Vol # 2“ (Sender091) 2012 Bond & Blome - “Tentacular Remixed“, 12“ (Sender 088) Benno Blome feat Niklas - “Take One“ on Jett Compilation (Jett CD1) Adrian Martin - “Zanossa (Benno Blome Rmx)“ (Senzen 4) Benno Blome - “Check N Fall Ep“, 12“ (Jett 09) feat Chriss Vogt & Wipa - “With N Egg (Benno Blome Rmx)“ (Yellow Tail 062a) Schulleri & Eblonski - “Tam Tam (Benno Blome Rmx)“, 12“ (Spreekader 001) 2011 Benno Blome & Tom Clark feat A Guy Called Gerald -“Falling“, 12“ (Highgrade 090) Benno Blome - “Go Loose Ep“ (Bar25digi011) Benno Blome & Aengel - “Gonna B Ep“, 12“ (Senzen 3) Signal Deluxe – “Laelia (Benno Blome’s reaching out for the top of the Rmx)“ (Freizeitglauben 27) Holgi Star - “Nightmare On Ho Street (Benno Blome Rmx)“, 12“ (Keymono) Bond & Blome - “Loose Their Heads“, 12“ (Senzen2) Doppelt Gemoppelt - “Amplify (Benno Blome Rmx)“ – (Miniload 023) Ecoute - “Dedub (Blome & Tigerskin Rmx)“, 12“ (Senzen 1) 2010 Benno Blome - “Rum Bum Box“, on 2xCD Compilation (Highgrade 075) Ness - “Much Comfortable (Benno Blome Relaaax Rmx)“, 12“ (Varianz) Leyton - “That’s Right (Benno Blome Rmx)“, 12“ (Friends Electric) Benno Blome - “Rum Bum Box“, on 2xCD Compilation (Highgrade 075) Benno Blome - “Nausicaä“, 12“ (Sender 087) 2009 Benno Blome presents: "10 Years Sender", Mix-CD (Sender 085CD) Blome & Tigerskin - “Boomshankar“,10 Years Sender (Sender 085 2xCD/ 12“) Benno Blome feat Niklas “Baby One“, on 10 Years Sender (Sender 085 2xCD/12“) James Alexander: "Relentless (Benno Blome Rmx)" (Friends Electric 12“) Martin Eyerer & Benno Blome: "Hayat", 12" (Sender 086 12“) Slang Bang: "Thank You Ma'am Ep", 12" (Sender 083 12“) Martin Eyerer & Benno Blome: "Pianoroll", 12" (Great Stuff 084 12“) Laufmasche: "Talk Like A Fool (Benno Blome Rmx)", 12" (Snork Enterprises, Snork19 12“) Dusty: "Dominio (Benno Blome Rmx)", Digital (Intoxic, IntoxicDig09) Tom Clark & Benno Blome: "Pheromonia", 12" (Highgrade, HG 059) Blome & Tigerskin: "Sheila/Naomi", 12" (Sender 081) 2008 Blome & Tigerskin: "Jubeliane", 12" (Sender Records, send078) Bond & Blome: "Sniffer Dog", 12" (Sender Records, send076) Benno Blome: "Rumburak/Red Tuna", 12" (Sender Records, send075) 2007 Benno Blome: "Eramina", 12" (Eramina, Eramina 1) Benno Blome presents: "From Antenna To Antenna 1", Mix-CD (Sender Records, send070cd) Benno Blome: "Sirenenstaub", Split-12" (Cereal Killers, c/k 06) Harry Seldom: "Don't Look Back (Benno Blome Rmx)", 12" (Organic Domain, ODR 005) Bond & Blome: "Control Your Soul", 12" (Sender Records, send068) Benno Blome: "Braitbendnoodels", 12" (Sender Records, send065) Baby Ford & Benno Blome: "Smoke Machine" (Sender Records, send064) Brightlight: "How To Build A Monster (Benno Blome Rmx)" (Tic Tac Toe Records 017) 2006 Bond & Blome: "Tentacular", 12" (Sender Records, send063) Benno Blome: "Time To Jak", 12" (Sender Records, send058) weltZwei: "Radarius", 12" (Sender Records, send055) 2005 Benno Blome: "Transmitter/Blau", 12" (Sender Records, send053) Blome & Grummich: "Crystal Avenue", 12" (Sender Records, send049) Benno Blome: "Satellite City", 12" (Sender Records, send025) Minimal Man: "Plastic Smile (Benno Blome Remix)", 12" (Sender Records, send037) 2004 Blome & Grummich: "Programmier Die Nacht", 12" (Sender Records, send040) Blome & Grummich: "Strahler" on "Receiving Data….Ah, It's Coming!" CD + 2x12" (send030) Basteroid: "Against Luftwiderstand (weltZwei Remix)", 12" (Areal Records, Areal 020) 2003 Blome & Grummich: "Headcleaner", 12" (Sender Records, send027) weltZwei: "Expander Remixed", 12" (Sender Records, send028) weltZwei: "Expander", 12" (Sender Records, send024) 2002 Benno Blome: "Loop A3" on "Sender Loops 24_2", 12" (Sender Records, send020) weltZwei: "On Standby", 12" (Sender Records, send013) 2001 Benno Blome: "S-Code" on "Sender – Panorama CD", CD (Sender Records, send010) Benno Blome: "Signal" on "Electronic Cosmetics", CD + 2x12" (Salo CD 01 + Salo 13) Benno Blome: "Loop A2" on "Sender Loops 24", 12" (Sender Records, send008) weltZwei: "Intercity", 12" (Sender Records, send006) 2000 weltZwei: "Auf Empfang", 12" (Sender Records, send003)