Benjamin Fehr



  • benjamin fehr is DJ, producer, labelhead (catenaccio records) based in berlin. his favourite destination is to spread the idea of "groove noir" , the genre of his label catenaccio records. artists like ricardo villalobos, roman fluegel, falko brocks..
    benjamin fehr, the berlin based producer, Dj and head honcho of catenaccio records is permanently working on the development of "groove noir". artists like ricardo villalobos, roman fluegel, falko brocksieper, jay haze, butane, dana ruh, or labelhead benjamin fehr I ffwd himself are working perfectly together towards the definition of "groove noir", which is the final destination of the label. basses well under the radar, buzzing sounds, subtle darkness and stumbeling grooves grow together to the special irritating and hypnotizing idea of catenaccio, that is also brought to you through the special weird artwork of the covers. you will find catenaccio tracks in charts and cases of magda, ritchie hawtin, dinky, luciano, zip, jeremy caulfield, karotte, chloe, jennifer cardini and many others. since 1993 he is working as a dj and artist in lots of clubs and radioshows. he was resident in several clubs, like ostklub frankfurt (1997-2000), the institution robert johnson club offenbach ("electric circus" with roman flügel, zip, heiko m.s.o. and krystyna, 1999- 2002), schmalclub (an experimental clubconcept between art, performance and music hosted by william forsythe) and the legendary kiosk (frankfurt/m). numerous national and international bookings followed (like panoramabar/berghain, init, wmf, watergate, bar 25, club der visionäre, kater holzig -all in berlin, air tokyo, pudel club hamburg, arma 17 moscow, paris, kunsthalle innsbruck, arttheater cologne, harry klein münchen, vrstck dortmund and many many more). after some experiences in running a pirate radio station in frankfurt (with sascha benedetti) since 1994, he played regulary in several radioshows (rdl freiburg, dj night & twen arena on radio x frankfurt...). from 2004 to 2010 he had his own monthly show that was called "catenaccio - the radioshow" on radio x. in his adapted home frankfurt am main (while studiing arts and grafics) he was an activist in organizing illegal parties in hidden places and buildings in frankfurt and offenbach. in 2002 he run the charming, illegal, one year existing club kiosk (, that invited lots of famous and beloved people like ricardo villalobos, zip, roman flügel, closer music, akufen, lawrence, luciano, stl, dandy jack, sasse or benno blome in a personal and familiar surrounding. in 2004 benjamin fehr started his label catenaccio. since 2005 benjamin fehr lives and works in berlin. since 2008 he has a regular "groove noir night" at "club der visionäre", the best summer location in berlin, where he and his guests are going deep into dark electronics. the small and charming club paloma in berlin is since 2011 also a home of benjamin fehr's "groove noir" nights, catenaccio acts & soulmates in music are defining the idea of deep and dark music for ass and brain. in the last years he produced besides on his own imprint catenaccio on labels like foundsound, brouqade, lowmidhigh lmtd, tic tac toe, eminor, nervmusic, adjunct, finefood, minim.all, 31337 records and many more. since 2009 he is working also on his project "the result" that is a coproduction with falko brocksieper (sub-static, karloff, contexterrior, tuning spork). inspired to create a laid back environment between improvisation and restriction, the two are exploring ways to join their different views on shared passion for deep, dark, organic and abstract techno. the recent release of THE RESULT will be out in may 2015, it will be released on catenaccio records. benjamin fehr already released on labels like foundsound, nervmusic, brouqade, lomidhigh, eminor, woods'n'bass, frucht, adjunct, false ind., suena hermosa, finefood, mean, 31337 records, tictactoe, minim.all, lebensfreude …..

    Selected discography

    catenaccio 00 - "swallow you ep" - 2 mixes of claus richters - 2004 "complot" - audiosampler (hosted by roman flügel und losoul) hfg 0f 2004 catenaccio 01 - "permanent initio ep" (mit peter schumann) - 2005 catenaccio 02 - "permanent initio remix ep" remixes by jay haze, the architect, falko brocksieper catenaccio 03 - "truth & consequences ep" - 2006 catenaccio 05 - "before we crawl ep" - 2007 catenaccio 06 - "truth & consequences remix ep" remixes by ricardo villalobos, falko brocksieper catenaccio 09 - "my favourite shop is me ep" 2008 lomidhigh lmtd 14 - "benjamin fehr.....explains freedom" 2009 brouqade 06 - "better thrill" (incl. dario zenker remix) catenaccio 10 - the result (aka benjaminfehr & falko brocksieper) - "niagara ep" catenaccio 15 - the result (aka falko brocksieper & benjamin fehr) - "endeavour ep" lomidhigh lmtd - 2009 tictactoe rec - "do what you lie ep" (plus the result remix) brouqade - "flagship ep" - the result (with falko brocksieper) nervmusic 03 - the truth is not outthere ep (incl. seuil remix) tracks appear on: karotte - stick of joy -kosmo music 2005 angel molina - wax sessions III - sonar musik - 2006 tobias becker - trallafitti - platzhirsch/kompakt - 2007 sylvie marcks - panik - wagram rec - 2007 cocoon compilation mix 2014