Ben Anders



  • Electronic music producers are very special individuals, not only do some have the skills, tools and ideas necessary to imagine, write and produce their music, some totally represent it, they share it, they travel it and the most dedicated simply live..
    During his youth, Ben Anders spent his time listening to Metal music and played guitars in various bands. He discovered electronic sounds through Electronica and early House music. After some time he was seduced by the german house and minimal scene. Ben Anders music could be described as a mix between low minimal wounded grooves and deep funky and groovy tech/house sequences. Ben has been deejaying since 10 years. Two years ago he also started producing his own stuff. After some Releases on OFF and Percusa he gets support from Artists like Karotte, Sven Väth, Reboot, Ilario Alicante, Brothers Vibe, DJ WILD, Anthony Collins, Ray Okpara, Livio & Roby, Alex Picone, Patrick Zigon, Gel Abril, Andre Crom, Einzelkind, Julietta, Varoslav, Luciano and many more. In the near future he'll release stuff on Tube & Berger's "Kittball" and on