• Baltra's debut album 'Ted' is out now on his very own imprint, '96 and Forever'.
    "It's a bit like a time capsule of expression. It started out as an idea lacking focus - to just release an album - but took on greater meaning when my father passed away somewhat unexpectedly. He was the rock in our family and I wouldn't be who I am today without him. I've titled the album 'Ted' in his honor.” Whilst an unexpected tragedy may have shaped the trajectory of Baltra's debut album and given it a sense of purpose and meaning - whilst also tinting it with sadness - musically the result feels more rooted in triumph and elation. As grief can often do, it plunges one deep into themselves, allowing them to connect to a deeper and more intimate level than perhaps normally possible. This has been the case on Baltra’s debut and the result is a deeply personal, intricate and stirring collection of electronic music. Fusing subtle fizzing beats, gently whirring melodies, engulfing atmospheres and tracks that weave between dance floor euphoria and isolated headphone listening, Baltra explores the depths and nuances of electronic music. He’s made a record that delves as deep into tones, textures and moods as he has into his own self. “The album went through many phases,” he says. “But in the end staying true to my emotions along this whirlwind of a ride seemed like the proper way to do it rather than to conceptualize something that I couldn't even put into words at the time. With this record I've aimed to really bring the listener into my world - into my audio landscape.”