Bad Boombox



  • Bad Boombox recently emerged with an irreverence and colorful vitality rarely seen in techno.
    Bad Boombox is a Bulgarian-American DJ who has been a recent formidable force in the techno scene. Known for his incredibly original DJ dance moves on stage (such as Air-fisting and the Queen Glizzy™), he is a juggernaut in the industry - once coming in third place in a Jason Derulo remix contest in 2013. After gaining dozens of followers on Tiktok, Bad Boombox ventured into starting his own record label, fashion brand, and totally legal massage clinic. He is also known to have kissed on the mouth at least six times. Expect Bad Boombox at a pub near you in 2025.

    Selected discography

    HOT MEAL RECORDS Rave 28 EP [Rave Alert] Keep Up / Jump Up [Das Booty] Medulla [Good Boombox] Get Ya Club On [Good Boombox] ATTN [Good Boombox] Frequent Flyer EP [Fantastic Voyage] Journey [The Beat Must Fuck]