• Spain originated and London (UK) based, B Adrian Buenavida aka Quixotic is a techno DJ/Producer and promoter. Also, member of the techno DJ duo Whack On Beat, and Founder of Wasted Talent Community.
    His music influence started from an early age and led his dream to become a rising star in the music industry. QUIXOTIC aka Adrian Buenavida is a young professional DJ and producer born in Spain and currently living at London, UK. His experience as a professional DJ counts only a few years back since he started along with his partner the DJ duo “Whack On Beat” at early 2016 and as B-ALIVE when he collaborate with BLACK CODES EXPERIMENTS. Whack On Beat have taken the decks of several venues around London such as Egg Ldn, E1 LONDON, Cafe 1001, Shelter Club etc. as well as several venues in Spain and Italy. QUIXOTIC is also the Founder and General Manager of “Wasted Talent Community”. A project with ambition and creativity which aims to build a community for all kinds of artists where they will be assisted and encouraged to fight for their dreams using their talents. Project that is running a successful showcase once per month. Awaiting for the New series of TECHNO events they will do with “WIRED” on the 26th of April bringing the UK Debut of the great Joyhauser Furthermore, he is a “Sound Engineering and Music Production” student at “Point Blank Music School”. There he is learning and experimenting on producing his own tracks which some of them will soon be released. As a DJ, his sets are mostly characterised by dark but groovy sounds promising a night full of dancing.