• AYN's progressively melodic techno mixes reflect the human journey in its purest form, allowing you to break through barriers, and unite with others to dance, live and love.
    AYN (aka Aya Nasif) is a techno producer/DJ, from Amman-Jordan, actively searching for musical inspirations to merge sounds into mixes that keep you on the edge. Influenced by her Arabic roots, and guided by her love for western and exotic melodies, she searches for seamless mixing techniques to blend her worlds into one - exploring the universality of sound and its endless dimensions. Specializing in techno - AYN has played in some of the region's finest clubs and festivals, headlining and opening for rising names in the electronic music scene such as Rafael Cerato, Seth Schwarz, Emanuel Satie, SAMA', Christian Smith, Francisco Allendes Super Flu and more. AYN brings progressive soul, groove and energy to the dance floor - uniting with others to dance, live and love.  AYN's first release Lover's Hymn (AYN remix) was released back in May 2018. In 2019, AYN released Where it Went, Feels Like and Eye Contact - the first three tracks from her EP "I Contact". On August 6, 2020, AYN released the 4th and latest track I Contact - AYN ft. Yasmine D. (click to listen) - of her EP I Contact, followed by an audio-visual video release (click to watch) on August 14, 2020. The new release takes listeners on a nostalgic journey of techno beats and sonic dreams, 8 min and 46 seconds of musical freedom - guided by spoken word vocals (ft. AYN and Yasmine D.) and a sonic blend of soulful background vocals led by Yasmine D. Dancing Astronaut featured the release describing it as "Hauntingly ethereal, “I Contact’s” structure takes the underground’s frequent integration of spoken monologues and vocal overlays and glossily adapts them into a prelude for the agile beat. Influence from the Jordanian producer’s Arabic roots meanwhile threads “I Contact,” adding cultural inflection. It’s stimulating, curiosity-inducing, a fresh new twist on familiar in the industrial setting. A nearly nine-minute project, “I Contact” comes with an immersive audio-visual video that augments the sheer affect of AYN’s latest". The single marks the end of AYN’s EP "I Contact", and the beginning of the next chapter. Stay tuned for more! Much Love & Music, AYN

    Selected discography

    2018 (Single) - Lover's Hymn (AYN Remix) 2019 (I Contact EP) - Eye Contact 2019 (I Contact EP) - Feels Like 2019 (I Contact EP) - Where It Went 2020 (I Contact EP) - I Contact ft. Yasmine D.