• AVION - Crossing
    It all started with Jeff Mills‘ Mix Up Vol. 2 CD and an old drum- and rhythm machine from the GDR at school. AVION played his first gigs at the young age of 15 around his hometown Rostock and the surrounding cities Hamburg and Schwerin. During that time music became a major factor in his life but the passion started a bit earlier with his older brother guiding him towards new music like Depeche Mode, Nirvana and Björk. Eventually at some point the first records by Jeff Mills completely hooked him which also led to AVION’s first visit at Berlin’s legendary first Tresor venue – a, in a positive way, drastic experience. The flickering lights in this dark and dusty hole somewhere by the former Berlin wall would never let him go again. During these years of searching and finding the gems at the local record dealer, he played several well-known clubs: Gerberei Schwerin, Waagenbau Hamburg and even the mentioned Tresor Club in Berlin. In 2013, after leaving his hometown Rostock, AVION founded his label „Crossing“ as a small and handmade platform for floor-oriented but purist electronic music. Since then like-minded artists helped to establish a unique sound on the label. AVION’s productions and DJ-sets both feature a melancholic warmth while playfully exploiting industrial sounds, straight rhythms and noises. His sets are always telling a story, willing and curious to find unexpected ways of music to define that special moment on the floor. The drive to express himself and the constant thrive of unusual soundscapes create a kicking machine funk which defines AVION as an upcoming producer and DJ with deep roots in electronic music.

    Selected discography

    AVION - Crossing 001 AVION - Crossing 002 AVION - Crossing 003 AVION - Crossing 004 AVION - Crossing 005 AVION - Crossing 006 AVION - Thrill - Crossing 007 Stefan Rein - GO FOR IT (AVION Remix) - PURE AVION - Law - PURE AVION - Dispersion EP - IMF (Index Marcel Fengler) AVION - Subroom - District 66 AVION - Texture - Stress Research 003 AVION - Angel Ruts - IMF 10.3 (Index Marcel Fengler)