• Auspex (n.) pl. aus·pi·ces, An augur of ancient Rome, especially one who interpreted omens derived from various methods of divination. A diviner, prophet, foreteller.
    Having cut his teeth over the years coming up through Brooklyn’s now imperiled warehouse scene, Auspex has solidified himself as a regular fixture and contributor to its strong underground techno community, very much at home in and a part of New York City's burgeoning and vibrant queer nightlife scene. Known for creating energetic and raucous dance floors and driving them to bedlam, blending skittering techno and blistering industrial with anthemic rave and glitchy breaks to create dense and textured overtures, his uncompromising and unapologetic style has seen him tapped to play as support for many international touring acts from Phase Fatale to Randomer, Kamikaze Space Programme to Headless Horseman, Juan Atkins to Rebekah—as well as being called upon to throw down on the regular at NYC techno institutions and parties such as Unter, The Black Hole and The Bunker New York. As the club scene of NYC has emerged to the forefront of the scene, he has also been tapped by The Good Room, Elsewhere, before settling in with his residency party Altær at new subterranean techno haunt, Basement. The past few years have also seen him making multiple appearances in Berlin at such notable parties as Staub and Pornceptual, and venues like Griessmuehle and ://about blank. Auspex launched his own aforementioned party series and residency, Dominion, in 2018, which has already played host to some standout names from the North American techno scene and beyond during it’s first two years at Bossa Nova Civic Club: P.E.A.R.L., Dimi Angelis, Irakli, Uun, Tunnel, Patrick Russell, Altstadt Echo and Antenes, to name a few, before settling into its new home at Basement with guests like Henning Baer, VSK, Volvox, Antigone, Charlton and more. His first production work saw release in January of 2019, with a notable release on Katie Rex’s “Bound” V/A, as well as a handful of remixes and other contributions to V/A compilations. It was during this period of discovery and release that the concept for Oath was born, his own record label and imprint in December of 2019, fully leaning into his unique techno perspective. Since then he has gone on to release on labels like Måinmise Records, Insane Industry, and Ōtomo.

    Selected discography

    Various Artists, "Auricular Discipline," [BOUND001] Auspex, "Suspicion" EP, [OATH001] Auspex, "Syncretic Flowers" EP [Måinmise] Auspex, "Wie Oben So Unten" EP [Insane Industry] Auspex, "The Lesser Key Of Solomon" EP [OATH002]