Audio Werner



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    From Djing and collecting vinyl since the 90s to becoming one of the most inimitable music producers - Andreas "Audio" Werner has created many as unique as timeless records whilst never losing sense of his own influences and delicate approach to the production of electronic dance music.

    Selected discography

    Still Jackin' (Hartchef Discos) Zwrtshak Drive (Hartchef Discos) Onandon (Perlon) Trust (Hartchef Discos) Getting Up After The Day Before (Hello?!Repeat) Flatfunk (Circus Company) Easygoing (Hartchef Discos) a.s.a.p. (Minibar) Meanwhile (Hartchef Discos) Couched (Perlon) Story #05 (Story) Can You Scratch? (Hartchef Discos) Rushograph EP (Minibar) High (Hartchef Discos) Balances (Galdoors) Rocket (Finest Hour Recordings) Audio Werner & Daniel Paul - Dwelling (Cabinet) Audio Werner & Jichael Mackson - Volt (Hartchef Discos)