Armin Bender



  • Armin Bender: It´s all about techno!
    Armin Bender was infected by the virus called Techno in the early nineties. He was Techno-socialized at the Airport in Würzburg/Germany which is still one of the hippest clubs in the country. In the middle of the 1990ies he started DJing with his first gigs in Würzburg. Since 2002 he is a constant component of the Techno-Scene in Erlangen and Nürnberg (Bavaria/Germany), where he keeps spreading the newest sounds mainly as a member of STRONG SIGNALS, a highly recommended local event series. His sound is minimal without being boring, with groove, feeling, a little smile on the face, with crispy sounds, with a touch of Detroit and, of course, the necessary drive. With this versatile spectrum he is always able to create a rocking vibe. At the moment he is dealing a lot with his own productions. Time will tell where they will be released.....

    Selected discography

    - Airport (Wuerzburg) - ZOOM (Nuremberg) - E-Werk (Erlangen) - AFK max KLANGRAUM Radioshow - Bambu (Erlangen) - Omega (Erlangen) - Paisley Park (Erlangen) - STRONG SIGNALS (Everywhere in and around Erlangen) - Wooloomooloo Bay Hotel (Coburg) - Zauberberg (Wuerzburg) - Club L (Wuerzburg) - K4 (Nuremberg)