• ( Rave ! Warp ! Rare ! Richard D James ! Acid ! )
    You can catch Dj Ark aka Ark3r playing his favorite music since the millennium. Through the years he developed his unique approach to the DJ booth and dancers on the floor. Numerous personal and audio experiences, sucking inspiration through various mediums including much-beloved vinyl records and studio work moved him to develop new projects and attractiveness of open space in the limelight electronics scene. Most often you can catch him in Prague clubs like Roxy, Cross club, Chapeau Rouge, Groove Bar, Houseboat Bukanyr and his own events called Ana.lock and Arcade. Ark’s main inspirations coming from actual underground electronic scene whilst keeping the inspiration from a 3-year residency in Romania. The influence of these talented producers & DJs can be heard in his vibrant style, which combines fun with gradations in euphoria for instant mixes and a variety of rhythms and sounds. In his addition panoply of foreign elements encounter a whole range of music styles, covering everything from slo-mo beats, microhouse. deep love of actual house & techno to stone-cold classics of Chicago & Detroit sound. Trough the years you could catch him across the mother earth in: USA, VIETNAM, MEXICO, COLOMBIA, GERMANY, FRANCE, ROMANIA, CROATIA, SLOVAKIA, HUNGARY, GREECE, ITALY, ALBANIA (100% Rave)