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  • Antwon Faulkner has been in the game for nearly three decades now. Born and raised in Detroit, Antwon started hustling mixed tapes at the age of sixteen. With music in his blood, this is truly what he was born to do.
    At thirty-five Antwon briefly relocated to Arizona but it wasn’t until late 2008, when he moved to Toronto, did we really get exposed to this next exciting chapter. While people may be more familiar with his DJ moniker, the infamous “Twonz,” in 2009 we got to know a new Antwon, an Antwon re-energized, excited and motivated. His focus shifted from throwing parties and DJing to making music and really honing his craft as a producer. Spending countless hours in the studio, Antwon is careful to avoid listening to others while in his creative zone so the product reflects him and him alone, devoid of any outside influences. With an upgrade in equipment and new pieces of gear, we’ve seen Antwon turn a corner in which he has found his lane and is settling in really nicely. The results are heard in using less loops and playing more of his own keys. While he still regularly releases tracks on his own imprint, “Hijacked Records Detroit,” recent years have seen him spreading the love with multiple releases and remixes on “Restructured Recordings,” “Bulletdodge Records,” “KMS Records.” "Downside UP," "Elephanthaus," "Thoughtless Music," "Motech LTD," "UNT Records," "Frequenza," "Sampled Detroit," and "RF Trax." His music has been played by many world class DJ's such as: Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Gene Farris, DJ Bone, Seth Troxler, Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Steve Bug, Carl Cox, Kevin Saunderson, Kenny Larkin, DJ Heather, Pete Tong, Paco Osuna, Luigi Madonna, Hector Moralez, Stanny Abram, Stacey Pullen, and many more! While production is where Antwon’s heart is, this is not to say that you can’t still catch one of his killer DJ sets. Antwon is straight up techno and prides himself on being current and remaining relevant. You can rest assured you will always hear the new hot tracks and your Detroit classics, which will now include his own productions peppered throughout the set. Listen closely as Antwon often premieres unreleased material for those that came out to jam. Now here is what you won’t see, no software and no laptop. Antwon is currently on a “Bring Back the DJ” crusade. While technology provides us with amazing advances, this is Antwon’s answer to an oversaturated market of “DJs” that haven’t learned the fundamentals of beat matching or DJs having a distinct “sound” based on their own sense and use of timing. Two turntables and a mixer and a whole lot of funk! In 2018 he received the "TESTIMONIAL RESOLUTION PLAQUE" FROM THE CITY OF DETROIT for his contributions in bringing the sound of Detroit to an international audience.

    Selected discography

    Hij-001 The Terrorist ep. HIJ- 002 white Label. Hij-003 white Label. Hij- 004 The Man From Jersey ep. Hij- 005 Techopolis ep. Hij-006 Deep ep. Hij-007 Resurgence ep. Hij-008 Electrons ep. Hij-009 Sounds Of The City ep. TLM-046 BOUNTY ep. CSICD-001 Scan 7 Presents Techno Brings People Together - VARIOUS ARTISTS. RES-056M CANADA LOVES TECHNO V BLV437-056 Play This! Records- ROAD TO DEEP HOUSE - VARIOUS ARTISTS. DUR-022 Downside Up Recordings - SNAKES ON A YACHT - REWORKS ep. RES-55 LESSON IN RHYTHM ep. ER-037 ELEPHANTHAUS RECORDS 15 YEAR COMPILATION VARIOUS ARTIST. Hij-010 HIJACKED RECORDS DETROIT - Jack Your Body ep. DUR-042 Downside Up Recordings - YOU BRING - THE REMIXES EP. BDR073 Bulletdodge Records - COMPILATION VOLUME 9 VARIOUS ARTISTS RES063M Restructured Recordings - CANADA LOVES TECHNO 6 VARIOUS ARTISTS. BDR076 Bulletdodge Records - SOMETHING ELSE EP. HIJ-011 HIJACKED RECORDS DETROIT - THE VISION EP. KMS163 KMS RECORDS - 313 (ANTWON FAULKNER I - 75 REMIX) KMS170 KMS RECORDS - HI TECH FUNK EP. RES068M Restructured Recordings - JOURNEY INTO SOUND EP. and many more!!
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