Ante Perry



  • DJ , producer and label owner but also spook, daredevil and buddy-type… Katermukke, Kittball Records, be an ape
    DJ and label owner, promoter and producer but also spook, daredevil and buddy-type… Ante Perry`s first approach to djing got inspired by the legendary mixtape “60 Minutes of Funk” by Funkmaster Flex, which opened him up to a whole new world and brought him to record his first mixtape in 1991. Counting on a big curiosity and knowledge in music which cover various genres, it stands out his ability to adapt to different performing situations. Whether he plays warm-up, peak time or after-hours, he always works out his magic turning the dance floors upside down . The 2006 debut “Beach Power” and the follow-up single “Der Urknall” undoubtedly take a special place in his discography. Since then his carrier as producer has constantly evolved, publishing music for the likes of Kittball Records, Moonboutique, Systematic Recordings, Great Stuff and Katermukke, while talking about collaborations, he has co-produced with artists such as Tube & Berger, Moonbootica and Dirty Doering to name a few. 2013 is the year in which Ante took total freedom and creative control over his work. His own imprint Be An Ape was born. Short after he undertook the lead as A&R manager of other labels like Punx and Polo. His workaholic and hyperactive vein led him to even create his own “Ante Perry & Friends” club events series taking place at Dortmund`s Weinkeller. August 2018, his debut album “Welcome To Perrydise” comes to life for Kallias Music. It is a work of incredible versatility, blending broken beats and house with Pop, influences from the deeply beloved Hip Hop and Soul heritage. Ante Perry is a DJ and producer of the old school, who masters the entire spectrum of music, from deep to the peak, staying true to his roots while totally open to the future. The conclusion is always the same …, the dancefloor turns up-side-down.

    Selected discography

    SINGLES: ANTE PERRY - Beach Power (Moonbootique022) ANTE PERRY vs. BYBALON ROBOTS - Der Urknall/3am (Systematic036) ANTE PERRY vs. TUBE & BERGER - Jetstream/Affentanz (Moonbootique029) ANTE PERRY & KOLOMBO - Reaction/Action (Giant Wheel038) ANTE PERRY vs. TUBE&BERGER - Human You/Waltervondervogelweide (Moonbootique 033) ANTE PERRY vs. TUBE&BERGER - Tempo 1000/Jay/Symbiose (Kittball09) ANTE PERRY & KOLOMBO - Baby Lets Go Crazy EP (Placid Coorperation) ANTE PERRY & OLIVIER GREGORIE - I Need (Systematic) ANTE PERRY vs. TUBE&BERGER - Ever Never (Great Stuff Records) ANTE PERRY - Hit the Floor EP (Moonbootique) ANTE PERRY & MAXIM LANY - Gentse Feesten (Lany Records) ANTE PERRY & KOLOMBO - Completely Positive (This Is) ANTE PERRY - No Changes (Kittball Records) ANTE PERRY - Tief Dekoltiert (Lany Recordings) ANTE PERRY & FLO MRZDK - Mono Negro EP (Stil Vor Talent) REMIXES: LARS SOMMERFELD - Hot (Ante Perry Rmx) (Two Faces) ELIA CASSETTI ORCHESTRA - Infinito (Ante Perry Rmx) (OneLouder) MANIAX - PLUTONIUM BOY (Ante Perry Rmx) (Moonbootique) ARMIN PRAYD - THE EDGE OF LORANKORU (Ante Perry & Kolombo Rmx) (Synthetic) MATOMIC - INDOCTRINATION (Ante Perry & Kolombo Rmx) (Lany Recordings) TUBE & BERGER - FAVELA GIRL (Ante Perry & Kolombo Rmx) (Kittball) SERGIO FERNANDEZ - XRay 808 (Ante Perry Rmx) (Skint Records) Maxim Lany - You Got Me So High (Ante Perry Got The Look Remix) (Dark Star Records) Chelonis R. Jones - I don`t know (Ante Perry & Flo Mrzdk are Mono Negro remix) Erhan Kesen - In the night (Ante Perry´s Golden October Remix) (Suxul Music) Tube & Berger - Come Together (Ante Perry Remix) (Kittball Rec.) ALBUM: ANTE PERRY pres. FLASHING DISCO SOUNDS (MoonbootiqueCD02) ANTE PERRY pres. FLASHING DISCO SOUNDS 2 (Moonbootique) COMPILATION ANTE PERRY pres. OSBORNE 103 (Elbsilber)