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  • ,,When words fail, music speaks'' - Hans Christian Andersen. This phrase is always with me. No matter where I am and no matter what I do.
    ,,When words fail, music speaks'' - Hans Christian Andersen. This phrase is always been with me. No matter where I am and no matter what I do. I have tried everything in my life - dancing ballet, painting, sports. I wasn't good student at school. Always missing classes and getting bad grades was part of my life. But like everyone else I had my passion. When I was six years old I saw a man playing with violin and that moment I decided that music going to be my only and true love. I went to music school for 9 years. Learned how to play violin and piano and at the age of 13 found myself as a singer. Started in a gospel choir called ''JUNIOR CITY JAZZ'' I got my first singing lessons. But that was just the beginning. I never was a big fan of night life and clubs. Getting drunk and go to parties wasn't my favourite thing. Although I was always interested in club music and singing in the night clubs and when I was 16 I started working on my dreams. I met Martynas (Funky M), at that time he was just starting his career as a DJ. After a couple conversations we decided to make a track together. Everything went smooth and we did it. It wasn't so good as we thought but like we say - the first pancake is always burnt. Me and Martynas were performing in lots of night clubs all over Lithuania. Than i met Liudas (Dx Ginger). We recorded a track called ''Searching for you''. It was really successful. This track was playing in all the best Lithuanian radio stations. People voted it to be on the list of TOP 15. But it wasn't enough for me. While I was spending my last 6 moths in my hometown I met one of the best DJ's in Lithuania - Uncle Roll. He showed me a bit different side of club music. Not so commercial sounds has captured my heart. I felt in love with more deeper music. We made a track together and performed in one of the biggest clubs in Lithuania called ''KIWI''. That was one of the greatest times in my life, but I knew something more is waiting for me. I graduated school and in the middle of summer, 2011 I packed all my stuff and moved to London, the capital of underground music. I am living here almost two years now and have started my career again, from the beginning. I found myself in a new way as a DJ\singer, making live vocal performances. I already performed in night clubs in Stratford, Vauxhall, London Bridge, Brick Lane and I am a member of DJ's and promoters team ,,Wavebreakers''. Music is my dream and I will try my best and work hard for it.
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