Andry Nalin



  • His milieu perceives Andry Nalin as the creative workaholic, in business and for his DJ-colleagues he is the impersonation of the determined artist, and to the worldwide community of his fans, he is a living legend with a tremendous output. To think th..
    His national and international success of more than ten years is best understood by tracing the way he took from his birthplace Düsseldorf to his ranking among the international DJ-elite. It was a way away from the usual career, a new way that opened doors for other DJ's and set new standards. Since 1993, Andry Nalin has defined the art of DJing, the sounds of club hits and the business as such, giving it a very personal and inimitable quality. It's The Nalin Way. Before Nalin & Kane were composing their worldwide hit "Beachball” in 1996, Andry had already published several successful 12inches under several pseudonyms. Then his name became a genuine trademark, that had a vital impact on the booming European house music scene. Since the mid-nineties, Andry's gigs leaded him to all international top class clubs, such as Space/ Ibiza, Twilo/New York or Pacha/Buenos Aires, as well as to the major regulars and festivals as e.g. Renaissance or Mayday. Whether in Asia, North- and South America, Australia or Europe - the Nalin Sound is on all continents at least as much in demand as in his homebase in North Rhine Westphalia. He established the trend setting record label Superfly Records, which helped to launch the careers of many today's DJ. From 1997 "Beachball" sold over half a million singles worldwide and nothing stayed the same no more. The famous English Mixmag wrote: "German House has never sounded so sophisticated and sensual". International artists like Kylie Minogue, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Sven Väth, Steve Lawler, Jam & Spoon knocked on the studio door asking for remixes. Nalin's golden hand turned Da Hools "Meet her at the Loveparade" into a superhit and made it the hymn of an entire housegeneration. Furthermore he was hugely successful in solo productions and in his projects Nalin & Kane, Nalin Inc. and since 2003 Bush II Bush. Bush II Bush started with „Hard Like A Rocker“ and „SoulShock“, both Trax got celebratet by the audience and Djs and reached toppositions in all important dance charts. The following “Piano Track” can be called their masterpiece, that was signed on the New Yorks famous imprint SAW Recording, a sublable of Def Mix-Group as well as on the UK imprint CR2. Pete Tong picked that track two times as “Essential Tune”and the UK DJ Mag named Bush II Bush “the Pioneers of Piano House Revival”. Nalins youngest and even biggest project was to organize a trip on the ocean cruiser AIDAcara, where 1300 lifestylers, supported by 20 international Top-DJs like M.A.N.D.Y., Pascal Feos, Moonbootica, Karotte, Sin Plomo and many more, experienced for one week an impressing party in the mediterranean sea as “die Wellenreiter”. There has never been a project of that size before, connecting party and holiday, in the history of club culture and it was great fun! Back home he immediately started his studio work and released the official Wellenreiter Compilation "Die Wellenreiter 001 (Barcelona), mixed by Andry Nalin" , which is also signed on Plastic City Imprint, which stands for international high Quality Deep- and Techhouse. Followed by “Kawai Five Go!” EP and “Sundaze Strings” even on Plastic City. After so many years of DJ experience, Nalin stands for “Music with attitude and soul” His particular sound pulsates between Techno, Electro and Tech-House and it`s always an impressing experience and a big party to celebrate his DJ performances! ……………We can be anxious to Nalins further plans……………

    Selected discography

    Andry Nalin: Maybe Baby / Free Your Mind (Soulman) 2009 Andry Nalin: Sundaze Stringz (Plastic City) 2009 Bush II Bush feat. Chelonis R. Jones: My Salvation (Caballero) 2009 Andry Nalin: Kawai Five Go! (Plastic City) 2008 Andry Nalin: C..Mon (Plastic City) 2008 Bush II Bush: Road To Caracas (CR2) 2008 Andry Nalin: The Death Of A Black Flower (Supercow) 2007 Bush II Bush: New Nation (Whoop) 2007 Bush II Bush: Jungle Love (Saw) 2007 Andry Nalin: Pornographic Material (Supercow) 2006 Bush II Bush: Piano Track (Saw) 2005 Andry Nalin: Ring Ring (Trust Your Tribe) 2004 Andry Nalin: Baby, is it true ? (Hablando) 2004 Bush II Bush: SoulShock (Superfly) 2004 Bush II Bush: Hard Like A Rocker (Superfly) 2003 The Drumheads: Opera Uno (Supercow) 2003 Andry Nalin: R.O.P. / One Of These Days (Sounds Good) 2003 Andry Nalin & JO 68: Chose Promise, Chose Due (Supercow) 2003 The Drumheads: Who Says (Superfly) 2002 Nalin I.N.C.: African Harvest (Kosmo) 2002 Nalin I.N.C.: Scream (Kosmo) 2002 Nalin & Kane: Live At The Crystal Palace (Superfly) 1999 Nalin & Kane: Open Your Eyes (Superfly) 1999 Nalin I.N.C. feat. Space: Magic Fly (Kosmo) 1998 Nalin & Kane: Talkin About (Motor) 1997 Nalin I.N.C.: Planet Violet (Kosmo) 1997 Nalin & Kane: Beachball (Superfly) 1996 Nalin I.N.C.: Condensed ep (Spice Vibes) 1996 Nalin & Kane: Backfire (Superfly) 1996 Nalin & Kane: K-People (Superfly) 1995 Nalin I.N.C.: Call U (Shampoo) 1995 Nalin I.N.C.: Planet Orange (Shampoo) 1994