Andrew Besada



  • Andrew Besada Formerly known as Dj Drew Blaze is an up an coming dj with a very credible resume at his age and much talent to take him to the top of the house music industry!
    ??Dj Andrew Besada was born in the United States with European & Latin blood running through his veins,. These days Andrew Besada is performing many gigs on the East Coast at venues such as Pacha nyc, m2 mansion, Webster Hall, Marquee nyc, Green House, Water Taxi Beach, Deko Lounge, Avenue, 118 Lounge, XL Lounge, Vivo Lounge, Surf club, all in the New York/New Jersey area, venues in Miami were kung fu lounge and the pool at catalina hotel, some International performances in Spain which include Canelas and Budha Bar. DJ/Producer Andrew Besada talks and walks in a language conjured up of congas & trumpets. His tracks speak in melodies with Heavy Bass Drops he is known for his funky drum & conga driven beats, with chilling vocals to match, while dropping effects that keep his listener's anticipating, they are simultaneously singing to vocals, while hearing new edgy tunes. dJ Andrew Besada has knowledge beyond his years, this is inevitable. With ambition as his driver, skill will be his transportation, developing aspects of Production, he uses influences from his backgroud to gain momentum. He has been in the booth or played side by side at parties with the likes of Tom Stephan aka Super Chumbo, DJ Chus, Pablos Ceballos, Carlos Manaca, Carlos Fauvrelle, hamptons resident Dj Theo, Hector Romero(saw recordings), Harry Choo Choo Romero (subliminal), Cevin Fisher, Nina Sky, Mario Calegari, Richie Santana, Peter Bailey(mind control), Rob Mirage, Peter Rauhoffer, Miss Jennifer, Denny Tsettos, Richie Rydell, The Fox(Portugal) Justin Imperiale of Cabanna Recordings and Mike Wright of 2 Travelers. DJ Andrew Besada's most creative moments range from when he wakes to the second he enters the door after hearing a really talented DJ spin at an after hours. His equipment of choice is Traktor pro 2 along with Traktor kontrol X1, Pioneer Cdj's and a Djm 800 mixer as it allows him to have cutting edge loopin & effects. There is a passion he possesses that only a child born the day before Valentine's Day can maintain. He is highly influenced by other innovative dj’s, not to mention, the destinations he has traveled to. He is very connected to the feeling music gives him and to putting on a show for his people. In interviewing Andrew Besada he had a passion for his listeners...With an interest in production as well as DJ-ing his talents are limitless and at such a young age, I hope the world is ready for this successful DJ and young business owner..I say to DJ Andrew Besada "Do you think music is just as essential to you as food?" and with a look of incredible pondering, he replies", Yes, Food keeps me from dying, MUSIC is what keeps me Alive."

    Selected discography

    Miraso - Andrew Besada & Diego Ruiz