Andreas Foxx



  • Andreas Foxx has been playing records since ´99. Based in Sweden but always on the move. Resident dj at Locatelli and TOSO (Sweden) and The SECRET ISLAND NATION
    Andreas Foxx (Foxysound, Invent rec., Schwedenparty) The Foxx makes no major habitat requirements and therefore occurs in a variety of environments such as woodland, nightclub, grassland, cropland, festival, and urban. Born in the 80´s, developing his skills 90´s, Andreas starting entertaining dance floors in 1999. Since then he´s been playing around the world at everything from festivals in Germany, beach parties in Asia, rooftops in Mexico, afterski parties in the Alps, fashion shows, radio shows and so on. Resident Dj for famous cocktail club Locatelli (Sweden)and musical director and Dj for TOSO (Sweden), he´s one of the hottest and most booked Dj in town. Andreas sets and productions are focused on true house and techno, with wide range as well as adaption to place and crowd. Sessions of funk, rhythms, groove and a lot of playfulness is perhaps the best way to describe his music. Andreas prefers to play with vinyls and his impressive record collection has everything that could be needed for exact every moment, always presented with energetic performance and high quality. The foxx has released his music on Invent recordings, Darek recordings, Clubstream and Neustadtmusik. Links: ________________________________________________ Some various past gigs and residencies Alma Bar, Mexico Anton Bar, Austria Apartment, Sweden Avenyn no1, Sweden Bara Magnus, Sweden Barsidan, Sweden Base Bar, France Bliss, Sweden But and Better, Berlin Club Lust, Sweden Divine, Sweden Edelweiss, Berlin Eschschloraque, Berlin Fiesere Miese, Berlin Flexible, Sweden Full Moon Party, Thailand Genesis Festival, Sweden Gogo House, Sweden Grünbeck, Austria Hultsfredsfestival, Sweden Imperiet, Sweden Intersoup, Berlin Inti Raymi Festival, Sweden Kungstorget. Sweden La Esquina, Sweden Laugh and Dance, Sweden Life Is Beautiful, Sweden Lilla Helfvetet, Sweden Locatelli, Sweden Lokita, Sweden Lost & Foxx, Sweden Lotus Bar, Sweden Lounge(s), Sweden M-Bia, Berlin M2, Sweden M3, Sweden Minimal Electro Kniepe, Berlin Nivå, Sweden OpiM, Sweden Orgia, Sweden Park Lane, Sweden Peacock Dinner Club, Sweden Prisma, Sweden Qadis, Norway Sacre Bleu, Sweden Sailing Club, Vietnam Scandic Rooftop, Sweden Secret Island Midsummer Festival, Berlin Secret Island Nation Festival, Sweden Session of Expressions, Sweden S.K Robinson, Berlin Sisyphos, Berlin Sliver, Sweden Society 808, Sweden Sub7, Sweden Suicide Circus, Berlin Tanzen Statt Steine, Berlin Toso, Sweden Trädgårn, Sweden Underground Hedonism, Sweden Valand, Sweden Werkstatt Harassment, Sweden Wilde Renate, Berlin