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  • Ore by Andrea Belfi places drums at the centre of a deep, hypnotic listening experience, where rhythm is combined with electronic textures and haunting sonic details.
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    • Fri, 24 Jan 2020

      CTM Festival 2020 – Liminal

      Squarepusher, Isa GT, Andy Stott, Dan Deacon, Robert Henke, Emptyset, Fiedel, Floyd Lavine, Del Real, Peter Kirn, Opium Hum, Rachel Lyn, Aquarian, Thegn, Giant Swan, Lokier, Max Dahlhaus, Zopelar, Henry Wu, Teto Preto, DJ Firmeza, VTSS, Dis Fig, Lafawndah, Chris Watson, Born in Flamez, Cera Khin, Nerve, Charlotte Bendiks, MINCO, Andrea Belfi, Deathprod, Jessica Ekomane, Volruptus, Sicaria Sound, Akua, Mo Chan, Nene H, Kamaal Williams, Kelvin T, SHERELLE, DJ Plead, Afrodeutsche, Valesuchi, Alexmalism, Alex the Fairy, NUM, Virgen Maria, The Allegorist, xin, A.Fruit, Astrid Gnosis, Gabber Modus Operandi, Lyra Pramuk, DJ Scotch Egg, happy new tears, Guedra Guedra, Catu Diosis, Hibotep, DJ Diaki, 3Ddancer, Fly Pan Am, Bbymutha, Borokov Borokov, Debmaster, Don Zilla, Fotan Laiki, Y-DRA, T0C1S, Slim Soledad, Moesha 13, Ivicore, AYA, MC Yallah, ASJ, KG
      TBA Berlin
      Feeling out of the loop after the Christmas break? CTM Festival will get you back on track with the freshest sounds.

    RA Pick
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