Anahita Shamsaei



  • Anahita Shamsaei is an underground Techno DJ based in London. She was born in Sheffield and grew up in Tehran.
    She moved back to UK 9 years ago for University. she have a degree in Islamic history and Middle Eastern studies from School of Oriental and African studies (SOAS). Music has always been a crucial part of her life, and her love for Techno, led her to teach herself everything she knows about this genre of music as well as developing her DJing skills. "I have always loved Techno music as I believe Techno is so inclusive. When I listen to other genres of music mostly they are racist or sexist but when I listen to Techno I feel I'm back in my own world. I taught myself how to DJ in my room in Iran and I used to play along with my friends in underground parties in Tehran/ Iran. From practising on a daily basis in my room, teaching myself through youtube videos and various trials. I progressed to being able to DJ at multiple parties in London. My brain always syncs with Techno music , therefore i see my set mixes as manifestation of my brain process."