Amour Noir



  • Now based in Lyon, Florian Grangier is an artist of the French techno scene since 2009. It was under the name of Don Serata that he started to play before creating his first tracks.
    From 2011, he took part in an EP with the label French Frequency, then several tracks and EPs in Europe and the USA (Coco Machete, Macro Records,Deal With It). Wishing to be more autonomous and curious to discover new talents, he created in 2014 his own label Unusual Recordsto broadcast his music and support other artists, while performing in local clubs (DV1, Life City, 101, Ninkasi, Maison Mère, Terminal, …). Full of resources and surprises, this versatile and passionate artist will catch the attention, as was the case in 2018 with Nina Kraviz who caught up his track London in her own DJ sets. In 2019, after 10 years of mix and production, he takes a new identity and becomes Amour Noir, a confirmation of a style and a state of mind, committed to asserting a techno music that is both powerful and attractive. Let yourself be tempted…