Alex Picone



  • If thereʼs one thing Alex doesnʼt like to do, itʼs sit still. Over many years of releasing music and reaching back into his earliest days as a DJ back home in Venice, Italy, he has thrown himself into a sizable list of projects and parties .
    He first emerged as a producer in 2006 with the famous Berlin Dub on Mixworks Detroit, the label run by Buzz Goree of Underground Resistance fame, before appearing on Bosconi and Bass Culture and delivering some releases for Luciano's Cadenza imprint. Based in Berlin since 2008, Alex has taken advantage of the thriving artistic community around him to kick-start many different projects, including the Hands Up studio collaboration with The Analogue Cops and the Vae Victis label they worked on together, MUS and Illegal Series labels and later projects , like his jam- based studio venture The Kicks with Maayaan Nidam , or Eticone label with Etienne Now as ever Alex has his hands in many projects, from the record distribution Small Black Dots. to his latest project Seekers, that is emerging as a record label and event that harks back to his burning desire to discover more about music and to share that passion with those who feel it too. The line-ups of the events are made of great DJs whom Alex recognizes as digging much deeper than the average dj. Likewise the releases on the Seekers label feature no artist information, at least not for those who arenʼt interested in searching to find out more for themselves. Itʼs a project that comes at the perfect time for someone who has achieved a lot in music, but will always be hungry for more. With Seekers aiming for a more intimate, meaningful experience for everyone involved, itʼs a sign that sometimes the most satisfying route through music is not always the biggest one, and thatʼs what keeps driving Alex Picone on.

    Selected discography

    DISCOGRAPHY ALEX PICONE Releases Persistence Mixworks 12'' 2008 Furby Floppy Cadenza 12'' 2008 Numalbix Mixworks 12’’ 2008 Motherland EP Bosconi 12’’ 2009 Sweet Revenge EP Mixworks 12’’ 2009 Thai EP Bass Culture 12’’ 2009 Zurichtakeaway Mus 12’’ 2010 Sexy Memories Bosconi 12’’ 2010 Irish Mus 12’’ 2010 Rootz Man Rootz 12’’ 2010 Fahrenheit Cadenza 12’’ 2011 En Pensant Bass Culture 12’’ 2011 Angola Illegal Series 12’’ 2011 Eternal Moment Memento 12’’ 2012 Alien Hands Up 12’’ 2012 Rap In The Air Mus 12’’ 2012 Planetarium Mus 12’’ 2012 It takes time ep Be as one 12'' 2013 07 ep Mus 12’’ 2013 Five ep Bass culture 12'' 2013 Minimalism gets complex Mus 12'' 2014 Illegal series 05 Illegal Series 12’’ 2014 A bit ep seekers 12'' 2014 Welcome ep Eticone 12'' 2015 Lost tape ep Illegal Series 12'' 2015 Frequency switch ep yay recordings 12'' 2016 Random Afternoon ep Eticone 12'' 2016 Lunch with lynch ep Illegal Series 12'' 2016 Remixes Ivory Machine EP Bass Culture 12’’ 2010 Beatrice Objazz 12’’ 2010 Orale Phonica 12’’ 2010 Cross My Mind Memento 12’’ 2011 Woodland Claque Music 12’’ 2011 Neon Waldeliebe Familien 12’’ 2011 il complotto Musical metaphor 12’’ 2012 Take it no more Gua Limited 12’’ 2016 Morning ep Rever Limited 12’’ 2016 Compilations Floppy on Luciano’s Fabric 41 Fabric CD 2008 Berlin Dub on Ame’s Fabric 42 Fabric CD 2008 En Pensant on Kevin Saunderson Ith records CD 2012 Dry screams on Bosconi Stallions Bosconi Records 12" 2013 Out of passion on This is Bass Culture Bass Culture Records CD 2013 M9 on Sonja Moonear's Cocoon Cocoon Recordings CD 2016