• DJ/Producer based in Toronto, Canada. Also one half of duo Cabbalistic
    Aleksandar Kojic was born in Kraljevo, Serbia. In 1994, he moved to Canada and since has lived in Toronto – where the multicultural flavour and metropolitan ideals exposed him to music from an early age. When he was 6, he convinced his parents to put him through piano lessons and he began learning the foundations of production and composition at the Royal Conservatory of Music. At the tender age of 16, Aleks attended his first club event at an all-ages venue here in Toronto. It was there that he fell in love with electronic music – entranced at the DJs ability to transition from one track to another, and to keep the crowd in the palm of his hand. From then, he honed his skills, and earned his first residency at Zappas Lounge in Kingston, whilst attending Queen’s University. Since those days, Aleks’s sound has gradually delved into the deeper spectrums of electronic music and has opened for the likes of Nick Warren, Henrik Schwarz, Kiasmos, Moscoman, and Marvin & Guy just to name a few. More recently he has expanded his energy towards production, releasing on labels such as For The People, L’enfent Terrible Records & Magician On Duty.