• This is Pascual. This is an artist who has dedicated his life to techno… And that will continue to do so.
    Being barely 14 years old and while his contemporaries were concerned with playing with consoles and other conventional pastimes, Pascual began to frequent the many vinyl shops that timidly peeked out among the most underground network of the capital. He used to spend the afternoons there, overwhelming himself listening to music and more music and getting all the vinyl’s he could, educating his ear and nourishing his techno hunger with everything that passed through his hands. He still did not know that those cravings for kicks, hit hats and metalized synthesizers were only the beginning of all. Nor did he know that he would never get rid of them, day or night, awake or dreaming. Especially dreaming. And he did not know that those dreams would end up becoming a sweet reality: his profession. A couple of years later and with about 30 references already on the street, Pascual saw how his efforts payed off all of a sudden, marking a new milestone in his career. We are talking about the release of his first EP in one of the essential labels of that time: Plus 8, the project of Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva. This initial release was quickly followed by a second one on the Canadian’s label, launching Pascual in the crosshairs of the entire European scene. For that reason, and naturally, other cult labels quickly knocked on his door as well, labels that were the fundamental essence of the international scene, which used to set trends and to select thoe sounds that would become the norm. Indeed, giants such as Drumcode and CLR Recordings surrendered irretrievably to his unique style and elevated him as one of the young national talents with the greatest projection. It was then, when he began to be required by some of the most important national and international clubs of the techno scene (Tresor, Inox Club, Family and Fabrik), at the same time that he was starting to be highlighted and booked by festivals of the stature of the reputed Dutch one, Soenda. Next, followed his remembered residence at Stardust in his native Madrid, a club where he finished tanning his sound and chiselled a career that grew exponentially. Pascual was on the crest of the wave, but at that crucial moment he did not rest on his laurels and began to shape his most personal project: his label, Ex Aequo. A label with a well-defined concept and that, since its creation, has received excellent reviews from the European specialized press, in addition to the support of some of the most important DJs on the international scene. This is Pascual. This is an artist who has dedicated his life to techno… And that will continue to do so.

    Selected discography

    Materia Symbolism Ovum Plus8