• I only care about good music. Music that makes you move, makes you dance. Life is to short, to not be dancing.
    Afrokid is a music loving freak, that doesn't care about genre's – only good music. He started dj'ing Electro in 2008, but a lot has changed since then. Now you can find him playing techno at a underground club, to playing disco/deep house at a cocktail bar. He's passionate about his music, and more passionate about the parties. He loves to make people dance and is known for doing so in almost every performance. Afrokid has been featured on many blogs in recent years, both music and fashion, and has fans all over the world. He's played with artist such as Robyn, Turboweekend, Djedjotronic, Paul Chambers, TWR72, The Magician, Gloves, Kasper Bjørke, Kjeld Tolstrup etc. Etc. Afrokid has many exiting parties planned for the future, so keep you're ears and eyes open. Also the man behind: - Horizon - Legestuen  - The Rockabilly Circus - Fahrenheit - Óljóð(Noise) - Hello Nasty(Bodega Rave) BOOKINGS & EMAILS: [email protected]