Abel Aguilera



  • International Dj/Producer/Remixer and Grammy Award Nominee, half of the Dj duo, "Rosabel" and Owner/ Dj of "Resist" Underground Parties.
    His production and remixing team, Rosabel, continues to churn out #1 Billboard dance hits including their Grammy Award Nominated remix of Rihanna’s “Only girl in the world”, OFFICIAL Remixer for major artists like, Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna with Nicki Menage, Katy Perry, Janet Jackson, Cher, Donna Summer, achieving multiple number one Official Billboard hits, including their own insanely huge anthem “Chacha Heels” by Rosabel featuring Jeanie Tracy, and who could forget their 2 week #1 Billboard Hit, the classic remake, “Don’t you want my Love” Featuring the legendary Debbie Jacobs Rock, and so many other hits. Abel Aguilera is undoubtedly at the top of his game and in an industry overrun by fledgling DJs aspiring to follow in his footsteps, he ranks even beyond the title of “super DJ”. He is among the select group of “Uber DJs.” Born in Brooklyn, New York, now in Miami, Florida, Abel Aguilera has always had a passion for House music. He isn’t new on the market, in fact, he had his first pair of turntables and mixer at fifteen years old and within a year, was spinning high school parties, sweet sixteen’s and weddings. Within the years 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s he was spinning career defining Miami and NYC residencies in nightclubs including “Club 1235”, “Sound Factory(2)”, “Paragon”, “Salvation”, “Glam Slam”, “Space”, “Score / Trade” and also had a 5 year radio mix show on Miami’s Super Q FM 107 1982-1987 Abel’s profile among the dance community skyrocketed in March of 1992 with the opening of Paragon in South Beach, Miami. South Beach was the epicenter of the U.S. Abel reigned supreme as the club’s resident Saturday night DJ. Partiers reveled at Abel’s explosive blend of heavy progressive tribal beats, diva anthems, Deep House after hours, and retooled classics and with his new status, Abel enjoyed a plethora of headlining offers from clubs and events from around the world. He expertly selected the best opportunities and by the time Salvation closed its doors in 2001, Abel had solidified his position among the elite after-hour DJs. He had branded his name with some of the USA’s biggest events, including his longest almost 3 decade long residencies at San Francisco’s “Aftershock” and “WPPS”. In 1993 Abel teamed up with long time friend, Chicago-based Legendary DJ, Producer Ralphi Rosario, in 1994 they had produced the “Grammy Award Nominee” production and remixing team, Rosabel. “My success boils down to these words,” explains Abel. “The Latin blood that runs through my veins is in my music too and that’s what keeps the bodies grooving. Nothing gets you shaking more than pure rhythm and feeling” ! You can experience Abel’s rhythms for yourself at events throughout the world and at his regular headlining gigs in Miami, NYC, and around the world. He also has a recent First Album with his production partner Ralphi Rosario called, ROSABEL “The Album” – and has also created a new party brand called, “Resist” which is a unified mix crowd driven with sounds of the underground house, deep house, techno and techhouse style and in a league of it’s own also, and Abel has also an EP on Nervous Records called, The Unexpected EP "Can you Resist?" Abel is one of the most diverse Dj’s of our time, and if you ever had the pleasure to experience any of it, you know this man has serious history behind his career.

    Selected discography

    ROSABEL/ ABEL AGUILERA DISCOGRAPHY ------------------------------------- Ottmar Liebert - Havanna Club Gloria Estefan - Tres Deseos Gloria Estefan - Party Time Gloria Estefan - I just wanna be happy Gloria Estefan & Celia Cruz - Tres Gotas de Agua bendita Gloria Estefan - Oye Gloria Estefan - Wepa El General - Peresoza King Africa - eh o eh eh Ilegales - A que Te pongo Boystown Gang - Disco Kicks Merenbooty Girls - Ring my bell Hannah Jones - You only have to say you love me Erin Hamilton - Dreamveaver Erin Hamilton - The Flame Donna Summer - I will go with you Jeanie Tracy - Can't take my eyes off of you Jeanie Tracy - Keep the Party Jumpin Abel - Control Abel - Bang the Drum Kim Sozzi - Are you feeling me Funky Green Dogs - Can't Help it Funky Green Dogs - Rise Up Amber - Love one another No mercy - Morena Cece Peniston - Lifetime to love Pat Hodges - love Revolution Pat Hodges - Saving my love Cher - This is a different kind of love song Paris Hilton - Turn you on La Lupe - Besito pa ti Night crawlers - push the feeling on Murk feat. Tamara Wallace - Believe Rosabel & Debbie Jacobs - Don't you want my love Rosabel & Jeanie Tracy - The power Rosabel & Jeanie Tracy - Chacha heels Rosabel & Jeanie Tracy - Stand Strong Rosabel Feat. Jeanie Tracy - Living for your love Rosabel & Jennifer Holiday - And I am telling you I'm not going Rosabel & Tamara Wallace - Looking for men Rosabel & Tamara Wallace - C'mon get funky Rosabel & Tamara Wallace - Let me be myself Rosabel - La Puta Rosabel - Soul Chu cha Rosabel - La Playa Rosabel - That Sound Rosabel - Rhythm Intoxication John Kano feat. Gia - I feel for you India - Solamente una noche Janet Jackson - Feedback Cyndi Lauper - Same ole fuckin story Pagano - Drama Ralphi Rosario & Abel - Empiesa la pachanga Jennifer Lopez - Papi Rihanna - Only Girl in the World Wayne G. - I just wanna Dance Chris Cox & Crystal Waters - Oh mama hey Sir Ivan - La La Land Donna Summer - McCarthur Park 2013 Martha Wash - I'm not coming down Yoko Ono - You're my angel Vernessa Mitchell - This Joy 2015 Katy Perry - Swish Swish Cher - Gimme a Man until Midnight Kc & The Sunshine Band - Ay yi yi yi ROSABEL - "THE ALBUM" Abel Aguilera - The Unexpected 4 track EP - Can you Resist?