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  • 40 Thieves is a San Francisco based dance music collective with Corey Black, Layne Fox, Jay WIlliams (aka Jaswho?) at the helm.

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    • Fri, 27 Jul 2018

      Sunset Campout 2018

      Rich Korach, Sunshine Jones, Thomas Von Party, Dave Aju, Jake the Rapper, Lovefingers, Jimmy B, Anthony Mansfield, The Tourist, Lost Soul, Antal, C.L.A.W.S., Justin Aulis Long, Batu, Ben Annand, Tyrel Williams, Mark E Quark, Jeniluv, Beautiful Swimmers, Solar, Galen, PillowTalk, 40 Thieves, Wata Igarashi, CHIDA, Navid Izadi, Palms Trax, Masha, Lee Reynolds, 000 (DJ), L.Sangre, Mor Elian, Lokier, Mozhgan, Tobin Ellsworth, Dreems, Outpost, Heidi Lawden, Timothy J. Fairplay, Eris Drew, Stacy Christine, Matthew Paul, Jason Peters, Shane One
      For many ravers, it's not summer without Sunset, the lazy river gathering in Beldentown. Among this year's traveling luminaries are Antal, Batu and Palms Trax, with a strong Cali contingent including Lovefingers, Masha and Mark E. Quark.

    • Fri, 26 May 2017

      Alfresco Festival 2017

      Crazy P, Kraftwerk, Hot Chip, The Emperor Machine, Justin Robertson, Optimo (Espacio), Terry Farley, Steve Lee, Gerd Janson, Phred, Red Rack'em, Ricky Meakin, Remain, Paul Daley, Harry James, Phil Asher, Last Waltz, Kelvin Andrews, Bobby O'Donnell, Louis Finch, Paramida, Leo Mas, Medlar, Muzz Khan, 2 Billion Beats, 40 Thieves, Felix Dickinson, Hodge, Psychemagik, Sadar Bahar, Asadinho, Jonah Considine, Paranoid London, Zombies In Miami, Mondowski, Tim Hinson, Leon Sweet, Man Power, NuAge, Marvin & Guy, Alexis Taylor, Heretic, Tronik Youth, Bird of Paradise, Sally Love, Clandestino, Oli Warriner, FLVN, DJ Woody, Nancy Noise, The Mighty Zaf, Darren Laws