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    Guangzhou City, Haizhu District Jiangnan East Road, Xiaogang Garden No.19 4th floor
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    +86 20 8423 8985
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  • A Subcultural Space tucked in the back roads of Guangzhou's Haizhu district, LOFT345, founded in 2003 under the name PARK19, continues to exist as a living room for GZ's free thinkers. LOFT345 is a platform for all genres of art. The studios are occupied by art professors, painters, writers, thinkers, musicians, street artists, photographers, designers and video artists. Creativity is what keeps this place alive. The studios are not open to the public but the 4th floor bar is. Frequented by Haizhu locals, skaters, graffiti writers, musicians, teachers, artists and creative people from all over the world. Unpretentiously priced drinks, foosball, American style pool table, full bar, sofa seating, gallery space, great music and rare films silently screening throughout the night make the LOFT345 bar a retreat from the usual Guangzhou nightlife. The bar doubles as an exhibition space- video, performance, fine art, photography, installation etc. If you are interested in exhibiting your work or performing here please send your submissions to [email protected]


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