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  • Perpetuum is found at Rooseveltova 9, Brno, Czech republic. The club was open in October 2001 in order to specialise about electronic music. Clubbers had the chance to listen and dance on the music of their favourite DJ's. All the Czech top DJ's and also well-known abroad personalities such as Alex Moran, Asad Rizvi, Dano, Dave Mothersole, Eddie Richards, Inigo Kennedy, John Buckby, Matthias Tanzmann, Mike Parsons, Timmy S., Umek were performing there.During the summer 2006 the club went through a few changes, there was a change of the owner and at the same time it had been refurbished. In continuation with new electronic music directions formed by fancy music production of local and national DJ community Jerry, Orbith, Vik, Javas, X-morph, Blulajta, Lazzna, Muzzy, Koala, Hydrophonic, Funk Halen, Tvyks, Vectif, Roman Rai, Airto and many others and of course supported by special guests such as Ian Void (UK), DJ Rush (USA), Ben Long & Jamie Bissmire (Space DJz, UK), Jonty Skrufff (UK), Fidelity Kastrow (Ger), The World Domination (Ger), Cari Lekebusch (Swe), Asad Rizvi (UK), Muffler (Fin), Anali (Brazil), DJane Clodagh (Ireland), Felipe (At), Jacek Sienkiewicz (PL), Oliver Ho (UK), Skwerl (At), Chris Impulse (Ger), Da Sunlounge (UK), Natasza&Oscarsix (At), Chris Quadrant (UK), RaySoo (Malaysia), Slacker (UK), Andrea Esu & Fabrice (It), Yachi (JPN) etc. Our nights represent an upfront music mash up, touring all tempos from electro to drum’n’bass, broken and breakbeat, techno to house. A real treat for music lovers each and every day except Sundays. The Music Club Perpetuum is an important part of the Czech electronic scene and certainly is a place for everybody who is open-minded to cool vibrations.



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