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  • In the Kana`im valley which is in the Judean desert, between the city of Arad and ancient Masada, lies Kfar Hanokdim. It is a green oasis shaded by palm trees and crowned with biblically inspired gardens. Merely walking into Kfar Hanokdim reveals a picturesque scene. Bedouin tents comfortably fitted with colorful rugs and mattresses. "Divans" (i.e.: Function halls, suitable for dining, seminars and lectures) built from wood and local stone and decorated with carpets and fabrics woven from black goat's hair. Desert style guest rooms amongst conveniently positioned shady seated areas. Much thought and imagination were put in to creating an authentic Bedouin oasis, with buildings of natural stone, lamps made of salt crystals from the nearby Dead Sea, wooden furniture decorated with iron art work, colorful fabrics constructed with stone tools all contributing to the magic of Kfar Hanokdim. Kfar Hanokdim, surrounded by the breathtaking views of the Judean desert, offers relaxed desert hospitality, a real break from daily life. The possibilities to have fun while staying in the Kfar (village) are varied and plentiful. Guests visiting the Kfar enjoy warm Bedouin hospitality accompanied by explanations of Bedouin life and culture. Great options include different kinds of receptions, various meals, after feast activities, camel & donkey treks, as well as the experience of staying in tents or lodges or cabins. As the evening sets on the Kfar you can enjoy the peaceful desert calmness by choosing one of the plentiful areas called 'Zoola' or by simply sitting around one of the camp fires in groups or for personal reflection.


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