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  • From hosting the first illegal raves in Amsterdam to becoming the premier spot for cutting edge electronic music in the Netherlands, Elementenstraat is living proof of the power and resilience of club culture. With its modular, multi-roomed interior––that is tailored to suit every event––this former peanut factory in Amsterdam west offers the intimacy of a nightclub, with an adventurous indoor festival feeling. Since 2014 Elementenstraat has been home to a diverse range of regular events. It’s hosted four day blowouts during Amsterdam Dance Event, steamy sunrise sessions from Breakfast Club and Is Burning, as well as infamous sold edition editions of Katharsis and Unpolished––two uncompromising techno weekends from the Reaktor crew. It’s a place to encounter big name DJs on the same bill as rising underground talents, and forge longlasting friendships in the dark. At Elementenstraat the value of community is as strong as it’s always been, a sentiment carried over from the venue’s historic days as the crucible for gabber culture in Amsterdam. For a year in the early ‘90s, Elementenstraat was the place to be every weekend, thanks to the gumption of Ilja Reiman and the Multigroove crew. Between April 1992 and May 1993, Multigroove threw a total of 61 illegal parties at Elementenstraat over consecutive weekends––parties where the incomparable Dutch gabber sound was forged. Legends like The Dreamteam's The Prophet, Buzz Fuzz, Gizmo and Dano, as well as Flamman & Abraxas from pioneering house troupe Fierce Ruling Diva, all carved their names into hardcore history, right here, from the DJ booth at Multigroove. Multigroove’s reign at Elementenstraat came to an abrupt end on Saturday May 15, 1993, when the police raided the venue as part of an undercover operation, codenamed 'Operation Ponytail'. All Multigroove founders and DJs performing that night were arrested. It was the first instance of violence on site. Ilja Reiman was imprisoned for four weeks and fined 1.5 million guilders. Elementenstraat was forced to cl


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