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    MS Stubnitz, Canary Wharf, Montgomery Street, Wood Wharf, E14 9SB, London, UK
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  • The Motorship Stubnitz is an 80 meters long ex East German fishing vessel transformed in 1992 into a moving platform for cultural research and exchange. Originally Built in 1964 in the former East German city of Stralsund and weighing in at over two and half thousand tons the Stubnitz “roving neutral venue” travels from its homeport Rostock around the Baltic and North Sea, physically networking with cities such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Newcastle , Hamburg, St. Petersburg and London. Including the outside deck there are four fully-equipped event areas transformed out of the old cargo holds catering for audience(s) of up to seven hundred people. The last twenty years have seen several thousand artists on board , from diverse cultural disciplines including performance, theater, dance , spoken word, music and parties. This huge variety of diverse content is documented , edited and preserved in an on board media archive. Operating on a predominantly voluntary basis, the Stubnitz crew, like the project itself, is in a constant state of flux, and ranges from weekend helpers to year-round live in residents. Those entering into the cultural side can engage in maritime roles and vice versa resulting in a unique working dynamic , a blend of traditionally hierarchical shipping structures and arts-based collectivism. Stubnitz has always remained outside of any scene or genre, open to any and all.



Club News

  • Wed, 3 Apr 2013

    Hydroacoustics boards the MS Stubnitz

    Zoviet France, Helm and a special collaboration from Forward Strategy Group and TVO are on the bill for the May 6th boat party in London.
  • Thu, 18 Oct 2012

    Innervisions board the Stubnitz

    The afterparty for the upcoming Hydra event in London will take place on the former GDR fishing vessel with Dixon and Âme.
  • Tue, 9 Oct 2012

    SP23 celebrates Spiral Tribe's 23rd

    The infamous London soundsystem crew will make a rare UK appearance this November onboard the MS Stubnitz.

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