3 Blind Mice

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    5 Ravey Street; Shoreditch; London EC2 4WQ; United Kingdom
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  • Previously the Smersh bar, 3 Blind Mice is a hidden gem. Sure, there's no sign outside and all you see is a tiny doorway with rickety steps leading into the unknown, but by 11.30pm the place was heaving. Once the Eastern European styled Smersh bar, much of their legacy still remains, from the old German recipes pasted onto the wall, to the interesting choice of Vodkas. Regardless of the decoration though, this tiny three roomed basement bar effortlessly offers what some other nearby places only dream of - atmosphere. With peeling paint, low ceilings and moody lighting, it almost feels as if you're in a Parisian back street den if iniquity. Anyway, the people behind the bar were courteous and friendly and on our visit the music pretty eclectic (with a slight leaning towards reggae, it seemed). A good place and nearly a four pinter



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