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  • Most of us have got mates who live in 'The Party Flat' - the place where you go to tear it up, to take your carry out, pre-party/post-party, and just party full stop. The flat that is always full of booze, always has the decks set up and ready to go, and whose neighbours don't complain about the noise... Well, welcome to Flat 0/1. With plenty of booze, seriously good tunes and a double bed in case the couch is taken, we turn council tax letters into paper aeroplanes and eviction letters into roaches. We won't be up for lectures in the morning, there won't be a flat inspection from the landlord, and as for nosey neighbours.? They just tanned a bottle of mad dog 20/20, so they won't be bothering us for a while. Join us. No names on the buzzer - just hit flat 0/1.


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