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  • Along the River Spree at the turn of the twentieth century, AEG created transformers to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another. Today, on the same industrial terrain in Oberschöneweide, the Spreehalle Berlin aims to transfer creative energy from mind to mind. Electrified by different media, global cultures, eras and genres, the Spreehalle strives to be a powerhouse for the exchange of music, performance, visual art and discourse. The Spreehalle will flip the switch in September 2020, featuring a transmedia program led by the Marc Sinan Company. The new-music ensemble, founded in 2008 by guitarist and composer Marc Sinan (ECM Records), will welcome other internationally renowned artists to spark up inspiration like light bulbs above our heads. It's not about one vision, but many – a pluralism of perspectives from the performers and the audience members alike. The curated program, including the monthly Elektropolis concert series, will also create opportunity for critical dialogue and conversation. Further distinguishing the venue is its custom-designed, 32-channel, 360° sound system: the Transformator. An instrument in itself, the Transformator allows an immersive experience where acoustics merge with architecture, audience with atmosphere, creating a space for communal listening.



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