Diplareios School

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    Pl. Theatrou 3, Athina 105 52, Greece
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    +30210324 0130
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  • Diplareios School is one of the few examples of 1930's Greek modernist Architecture stilll standing and it is a private, non-profit organization that provides free education and training. It was founded by Professor in the University of Athens Kiparissos Stefanos, who wanted to establish an educational organization where Greek children will have free vocational studies. It has seen many changes in use, operationg as a school for manufacturers and craft makers, city-planning offices and a nursery school. The building, representing the obsolescence of its manufacturing sector, was chosen to illustrate the historiography of the Greek economy. Already out of use for a couple of years, the Diplareios School was in a state of material disrepair. The Diplareios School is easily accessible with a short walk from Monastiraki metro station. Address: 3 Theatrou Square, 105 52 Athens www.diplareios.edu.gr



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