Bar Passeport

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    2037 rue St-Denis; Montréal, QC H2X 3K8; Canada
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    514 845-3889
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  • For over 25 years on Saint-Denis street, Bar Passeport is notorious for its alternative and differents nights. Still on Saint-Denis but now just North of Ontario street. Passeport is home to an electrifying network of friends, party maniacs and dance fanatics! Passeport is traditionally open on Wednesdays(goth/industrial), Fridays (80's) and Saturdays (Different Mode) nights and now on Mondays (On the Rock), Tuesdays (alternative/grunge/punk rock/metal), Thursdays (grime/elektro/drum&bass) and Sundays... You will hear some of Montréal's most infamous DJ's and they deliver more than enough energy to keep the shots coming and the dancefloor packed!



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